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Satoshi Club

Level Points

You start earning Level Points the moment you place a real money bet. The more points you earn, the more you level up.

Level up Rewards

Cash, free spins, bonuses, cashback points, etc. Receive different rewards when you level up.

Up to 20% Cashback

Cash it out any time without wagering requirements.

VIP Manager

We will provide personal VIP managers, exclusive services for those who are Satoshi level.

Terms & Conditions


1.1 The Satoshi Club levels and Level Points needed:

● Shrimp - 0 level points

● Crab - 200 level points

● Fish - 5,000 level points

● Octopus - 30,000 level points

● Dolphin - 100,000 level points

● Shark - 250,000 level points

● Whale - 600,000 level points

● Satoshi - 1,300,000 level points

1.2 You will get level points with every real money bet (only JPY / EUR / BTC / ETH / EOS / USDT). Bets placed using bonuses or free spins do not count towards the level points.

1.3 The Level points you can get on a single bet = bet amount (in USD) × game contribution.

1.4 Game contribution to the Satoshi Club level points:

● All slots games - 100%

● Sports - 100%

● Dice - 50%

● Crash - 50%

● Other casino and live casino games - 5%

1.5 On the first day of every month at 00:00 (UTC), your level will drop to the first sub-level of your main level and your level points will be reset to the initial value of the main level. For example, if your level is Shark 3 (423,378 level points) at the end of November, your level will be reset to Shark 1 (250,000 level points) at the start of December.

1.6 The old VIP system will be migrated to the Satoshi Club, and players will be given initial level points for their level, as detailed below:

● VIP 0 - Shrimp

● VIP 1 - Crab

● VIP 2 - Fish

● VIP 3 - Octopus

● VIP 4 - Dolphin

● VIP 5 - Shark

● VIP 6 - Whale

● VIP 7 and above - Satoshi


2.1 You can claim level-up rewards whenever you reach a higher level or sub-level.

2.2 Here are some benefits you might get when you level up:

● Free Coins - Claimed free coins are credited to the player's real money wallet and will not have any restrictions unless otherwise stated.

● Free Spins - You can play slots games and have a certain number of spins paid by TrustDice. Winnings from free spins (level up rewards) is credited to the player’s real money wallet and DO NOT have wagering requirements. Free spins rewards are only available for TrustDice platform accounts (and not available for EOS accounts). There will be a max winning limit for each free spin reward.

● Higher monthly cashback percentage - The Satoshi level players can get up to 20% cashback.

● Shorter Coinbox (Faucet) Intervals - Normally, players can claim free coins in the coinbox every 6 hours. The higher the level, the shorter the interval. The Satoshi level players can claim once every hour.

2.3 Free coins and free spins require players to claim them manually, other benefits will automatically take effect when players level up.

2.4 On the first day of every month at 00:00 (UTC), all of your unclaimed level up rewards will expire and reset.


3.1 Starting from the level Octopus, players will earn Cashback Points (different from level points, Cashback points can be exchanged for cash) on every bet, regardless of whether the bet is won or lost.

3.2 Cashback Points can only be earned when placing real money bets (only JPY / EUR / BTC / ETH / EOS / USDT), not with bonus money or free spins.

3.3 Players can exchange their Cashback points whenever they want. Cashback points never expire.

3.4 When a player exchanges Cashback points to Cash, the Cash is credited to the player’s real money wallet and NO wagering requirements.

3.5 The exchange rate between Cashback points and USDT is 1:1. Players can also choose to exchange for other equivalent currency: JPY / EUR / BTC / ETH / EOS.

3.6 The Cashback Points players can earn on a single bet = bet amount (in USD) × game house edge × player’s cashback percentage.

3.7 Game house edge: Dice 1.5%, Crash 1.5%, Sports 3%, Slots game average 3%.

3.8 The player’s cashback percentage depends on the player’s level. Satoshi level players can get up to 20% cashback. (Please read the “Satoshi Club Levels” above.)

3.9 Games that can be played to earn cashback points: Dice, Crash, all slot games (except those included below).

3.10 The following games are excluded from cashback promotion: Platinum Lightning Deluxe, Platinum Lightning Deluxe HR, Battle for Atlantis, Peter's Universe, High Striker, Lucky Seven, Viking Age ToGo, House of Fun ToGo, Frankenslot's Monster, Paco and the Popping Peppers, Arrival ToGo, The Moneymania, 4 Horsemen, Da Vinci's Treasure, all other casino and live casino games except slots.


4.1 TrustDice reserves the right to change or cancel any level-up rewards, cashbacks, or any other associated aspects of the Satoshi Club, at its sole discretion at any given time.

4.2 Using methods, techniques, or software that allow a player to gain an edge over other players or the bonus system is prohibited and considered abuse. All bonuses are meant for entertainment purposes only.

4.3 Membership to the Satoshi Club is at the sole discretion of TrustDice. At any time, we reserve the right to either refuse or revoke your membership.

4.4 Only the individual named in the account is eligible to receive the relevant rewards and benefits of the Satoshi Club. There can be no transfer of any aspect of the Satoshi Club between different players and accounts.

4.5 All other TrustDice terms and conditions apply.