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BustaDice - Next Generation Dice Review

Bustadice Crypto  review by Trustdice

BustaDice was launched in 2017 after its sister site Bustabit gained fame. They are both operated by the same team and are dice gambling sites that only accept bitcoin.

BustaDice is owned by Apis N.V. and governed by the laws of Curacao.


How to Play BustaDice

The outcome of each BustaDice dice game is randomly chosen, between 1x - 1,000,000,00x.

Like other dice games, playing BustaDice is straightforward. You take a guess at a target number between 1 and 1,000,000,00. If your guess is higher than the actual outcome of the dice roll, you win, and if your target number is less than the outcome, you lose. 

It’s up to you to guess the target number in order to win max profit, and the profits you do make are thanks to the website's multiplier. 

Do you deem yourself a risk taker and have your dice strategy? If so, place your bets on the 1,000,000,00x multiplier!


BustaDice User Reviews

One way to gauge the credibility of a website is through the feedback of their customers. TrustDice is aware that it is also important to show legit reviews of users on the website to be able to put the minds of new users somehow at ease.

Reviews give us insight on website withdrawal approval, fees and fairness, to mention a few.

BustaDice itself hasn’t received many reviewsThat said, BustaDice has 1 review on TrustPilot giving them a 3.7 out of 5 rating. This review is written by an individual claiming that BustaDice is a “completely legit site” after watching a friend withdraw his profits after playing.

Bustadice review on Trustpilot


Sadly this review doesn’t give us much insight when it comes to the quality of the BustaDice website.

Other than that, on forums such as bitcointalk the reviews are diverse, some good and some bad, as one would expect from any gambling site

Some users rave, saying the site is unique and has a smooth interface, while others rated their gaming experience as disappointing.

Bustdice review on bitcointalk forum

Bustdice review on layout and faucet on bitcointalk forum

A trend among reviews is that users are unhappy about BustaDice only allowing bitcoin and no other crypto currencies when making deposits or withdrawals. Users mentioned that this is due to bitcoins’ high transaction fees and said that gambling websites that only allow bitcoin will lose players in the long run.

Bustadice review on forum

Some reviews suggest that the site is indeed legit and players can actually win and make fair profits while others suggest foul play.

Bustadice profit graph

Bustadice profit review

Bustadice profit review on bitcointalk

By tallying the reviews, we can say that BustaDice holds a review rating that is equal to the gambling website average.


BustaDice Bonuses

BustaDice currently only offers a no deposit bonus . As of yet, no other bonuses or promotions have been found unlike TrustDice which offers a lot of deposit bonuses and sign up bonuses.

One would think that this would result in negative customer reviews, with most users wanting to be ‘rewarded’ for their loyalty to a website, but no complaints have yet been found about the lack of bonuses.


BustaDice Deposits

BustaDice promises instant deposits, saying that you can expect your deposit in your account after one confirmation from the network. 

BustaDice does expect you to pay a small fee for each deposit you make, which will be charged on withdrawal or transfer. This fee changes with time and depends on the Bitcoin network.

This policy overall disgruntled players.

Bustadice deposit fee review 

BustaDice: Withdrawal

Withdrawal of your balance will not be allowed if you have any unconfirmed deposits in your BustaDice account. If you are willing to wait at least 24 hours, a non-immediate withdrawal might be your best option.

The withdrawal will be sent from the BustaDice hot wallet. 

For maximum enhanced privacy, BustaDice advises its players to use a Segwit enabled address, and to use a new address for each receival. 

This policy seems to be getting positive user reviews. It gives them peace of mind that transactions are safer and has the added benefit of lower transaction fees and a faster transaction process overall. 

However, some players are doubtful that this would significantly reduce transaction fees.

Bustadice withdrawal review

When it comes to user withdrawal reviews, not much can be found on the topic, good or bad - So, watch this space


BustaDice: Bankroll

At BustaDice you have the opportunity to become a bankroller, meaning you can bet on the house itself. You can add your bet to the bankroll - Win when the house wins and lose when the house loses.

The fact that BustaDice allows anyone to become an investor fairs well for its review ratings.

The bankroll can be described as the balance the house uses to pay its bankroll winners. This is done through the bets made through the platform multiplier

It is done cumulatively - The more balance the house has, the more bankroll players can make when it comes to their winnings. Similarly, the more balance is present, the higher the chances of a max profit win.

For a bankroll investor, the max profit that can be made during one round depends completely on the current bankroll balance.

Something that users are unhappy about, is the fact that the 10% dilution fee is too high, making any actual profits unlikely.

Bustadice dilution fee review

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