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Duelbits Review: Is it safe to play at Duelbits Casino?

Duelbits In-depth review

The online gambling industry is saturated with multitudes of websites claiming to offer provably fair casino games when it comes to online casino games. But, a majority of them are not entirely focused on crypto gambling.

Thus, it is crucial to look at all the available options and one could be surprised by the sheer amount of different casino games available. One of those numerous options worthy of consideration for playing online casino games is Duelbits casino

Duelbits casino is an emerging, and popular online casino primarily focused on casino gambling with cryptocurrency. It is a provably fair casino and an excellent choice for high rollers seeking to play live games, slots and in-house provably fair games.

The gambling site features a loaded VIP program, including unique and creative promotions geared to ensure gamblers always receive a little bit extra when they play their favorite games. In addition, the Duelbits casino has an affiliate program that offers you a 10% commission on all referral wagers. 

In this blog, we will give some information regarding Duelbits. 

The basics - what is Duelbits?

Duelbits is one of the most progressive crypto casinos to emerge from the constantly changing and evolving crypto casino industry. It is a popular gambling site owned and operated by Liquid Gaming N.V. (153298).

Duelbits homepage

Duelbits casino was founded in February 2020, with its office registered in Abraham de Veerstraat 9, Willemstad in Curaçao and operating under its registered license GLH-OCCHKTW076092020. Duelbits offers a large selection of online casino and live games through integrations with third-party casino game providers such as Evolution Gaming and Play Live.

As a provably fair gambling site, it offers a fair system that allows you to verify your transactions, making it transparent and comfortable. To play at the Duelbits casino, you must be over 18 years. 

Is Duelbits legit?

One of the most common questions asked by customers is Duelbits legit? Duelbits is a legit and licensed casino based on a provably fair game system that allows you to verify the fairness of every outcome transparently.

The Duelbits casino cannot be rigged or manipulated, highlighting its legitimacy and trustworthiness. Furthermore, Duelbits casino has not been publicly associated with any malicious activity and boasts an exceptional reputation in the online casino industry. 

Duelbits’ legitimacy is also reflected in its instant deposits and withdrawals. The gambling site instantly processes all transactions and does not block customers who withdraw large sums of money. 

The Duelbits casino receives an estimated average of 200,000 visitors every month, and a bonus is the Duelbits customer support team that can be contacted via live chat. 

Duelbits review

What makes the Duelbits casino safe for gambling?

What makes the Duelbits casino safe for online gambling is that this gambling site is fully licenced and regulated by the Government of Curaçao. As a Curaçao licensed casino, Duelbits adheres to a set of carefully crafted and intricate gambling laws. 

One of the primary laws that must be adhered to is ensuring every gambling site is fair and safe for players. Thus, this license alone is adequate for Duelbits casino to be considered a secure gambling site

Duelbits uses the standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect vital information about customers' accounts, deposits, and transactions, including safe connections. Furthermore, Duelbits uses powerful ECC Key encryption to ensure the security of customers' information on the gaming site.

The fairness of house games is another factor that makes all traditional online gambling – let alone crypto gambling – safe. Fair games ensure that you enjoy your favorite live and house games without stressing over them and have actual value in your bets, which lead to occasional winnings. 

Thus, to ensure this, a provably fair game algorithm is used by Duelbits for all its live and home games. Furthermore, this provably fair game algorithm guarantees that all Duelbits casino games are not fixed or tampered with to manipulate the results. 

Where is Duelbits accepted?

Duelbits Casino is legal in many countries. It is, however, prohibited in the following countries: Aruba, Australia, Bonaire, Denmark, France, Malta, the Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St. Maarten, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

DuelBits also forbids bitcoin payments from some countries under political turmoil, such as those in Africa.

Is Duelbits legit in the U.S?

Duelbits is a legit and regulated online crypto casino verified as legal and authorized. 

Some countries, however, limit online casinos and prohibit their citizens from registering. One of these countries is the United States of America. Although online gambling is not legal in the United States, implementing the law is difficult due to the difficulties in detecting bitcoin payments.

One technique Americans can use to play Duelbits while remaining secure and undetected is using a VPN.

How to play Duelbits from restricted countries

It is possible to play Duelbits from a country that restricted access to this gambling site, and this is how you do it; 

  • Choose the best VPN
  • Download and install your chosen VPN to your device
  • Connect to a VPN server to a permitted country such as Germany, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, or any other allowed country
  • Sign up for Duelbits
  • Go to Coinbase to buy crypto and receive a $10 signup bonus
  • Deposit crypto (minimum of $10) to your Duelbits account, and play!

Duelbits banking methods

The Duelbits casino centers its operations on cryptocurrency gambling. However, the gambling site is inclusive enough to allow players to top up their accounts using credit cards or e-wallets and CS:GO skins.
Bitcoin payments are permitted on Duelbits, but it also accepts ETH, LTC, and DOGE. The Duelbits casino uses its own balance or in-game tokens, where 100 tokens equal U.S $100 and is now equivalent to 0.00239568 BTC. Please keep in mind that the BTC amount may vary depending on the current currency exchange.

Duelbits deposit methods

There are no restrictions on how much money you can deposit into your Duelbits account. However, you should remember that your Duelbits Bitcoin transfers will require the appropriate amount of confirmations. 
If you registered with your Steam account, you can also deposit money into your Duelbits account using CS:GO skins.

Duelbits withdrawals methods

Your Duelbits account must have at least U.S $50 in BTC to complete a withdrawal transaction to make a withdrawal transaction. You should also keep in mind that Duelbits Bitcoin withdrawal incurs fees, and if you have a Steam account, you can withdraw using CS:GO skins.

Duelbits bonus and promotions

A common characteristic of many real money or crypto casinos is they inundate their customers with endless promotions when they visit the gambling site. It is not necessarily bad (who doesn’t like a bonus?), but it can be distracting.

However, unlike other sites, Duelbits casino does not bombard you with promotional adverts, and Duelbits bonus offers on its feed.

That isn't to mean there aren't any Duelbits bonuses or promotions.

Duelbits VIP program

The Duelbits VIP program is open to all registered players who have at least placed one (1) wager in the casino. Duelbits conducts casino incentives occasionally, but that number is not as many as the promotions for sports bettors.

11 VIP levels make up the Duelbits VIP program ranging from Joker to Duelbits. Your rewards will increase accordingly as you level up, and at each unlocked level, you will be rewarded with a 12.5% house edge. The Duelbits VIP program is focused on Rakeback Duelbits offers that you obtain instantly, daily, weekly, and monthly;

  • Instant Bits - 10% Rakeback on all bets placed, house edge
  • Daily Bits - 5% Rakeback on all bets placed, house edge
  • Weekly Bits - 5% Rakeback on all bets, plus a house edge
  • Monthly Bits - 5% Rakeback on all wagers, plus a house edge

Duelbits promo code

Duelbits promo code

DuelBits' promo code is ‘globalcsgo’, and this Duelbits promo code permanently enables Ace's Rewards on your account.

To redeem the coupon code, go to the bottom left menu and click the green “Claim” button. A window will appear in which you may enter the Duelbits promo code, ‘globalcsgo’ and click confirm.

Ace's Rewards will be unlocked on your Duelbits account when you enter this Duelbits promo code, rewarding you for playing on Duelbits.

  • Ace’s Rewards

Ace's Rewards is a Duelbits bonus program that rewards active and loyal site customers. The term refers to the return (Rakeback) on wagers placed on the featured games.

The cashback is split into three (3) parts: Instant Bits, Weekly Bits, and Monthly Bits. Customers acquire experience and account level as they play more on DuelBits. In addition, Ace's Lounge contains information about all Ace's Rewards.

  • Coupon codes

You should watch the Duelbits social media pages, especially Twitter. They often share coupons that can recharge your balance with free resources on the gambling site.

  • Affiliate program

DuelBits has an affiliate program that allows you to design your own code. You can use this code to promote to your friends on social media or on your YouTube channel.

To create your own DuelBits affiliate code, go to the Affiliates tab (link in the left menu), then enter your referral code. Anyone who signs up using your code will be associated with you. In addition, Duelbits will reward you with additional funds based on your referral's bets.

How to use a referral code on Duelbits?

It is straightforward to use the Duelbits referral code, and this is how you do it:

  1. Log in to Duelbits with your preferred login option (Steam login available, among others).
  2. Select the “Referrals” button from the left menu on the home page.
  3. Enter the ‘globalcsgo’ code and press the “Use Code” button.
  4. After this, your Ace's Rewards will be activated on your Duelbits account.

What games are available on Duelbits?

Duelbits casino is a newcomer to the online casino games market. Despite this, it is optimized to run on mobile phone browsers without using a mobile app. So you can play your favorite crypto games on your tablet or smartphone.
There are several basic casino games available on the Duelbits casino, namely;

  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Dice Duels
  • Live games
  • Crazy Time
  • Craps
  • Lighting Roulette
  • Gonzos Treasure Hunt

TrustDice is the world’s leading and highly rated crypto casino, and we offer live and house casino games with life-changing prizes. Visit our website and play now!

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