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How To Get Free Spins

how to get free spins

The great majority of companies will allow you to test their products before buying them – and online casinos are no exception. Slot machines – which started out as a counter-top attraction in general stores and as inexpensive amusement for causal casino gamers in the early 1900s – are now some of the main attractions for casinos, whether online or in a physical location.

Since they are now one of the main attractions an online casino has, slot games often come with a few complimentary free spins. In the several spins on the house, until you decide whether you like that particular game or not, you are essentially playing on free money – and you have the opportunity to win big without paying a single cent.

Where can I receive free spins?

Most casinos will offer limited time offers that you can receive free spins from – but almost all new users will get some when signing up!
Free spins – whether received when signing up or as a random surprise from the casino can be received mainly from Promotions and Video slot games.


* Free Spins With No Deposit

First of all, let’s talk about No Deposit Free Spins. These are the best, as these offers come with no strings attached! All you have to do is claim the bonus – and use it!

* Free Spins Upon Deposit

On the other hand, a casino may also offer you Deposit Bonus Free Spins. When a casino offers you Deposit Bonus Free Spins, you have a limited time offer that allows you to get free spins when you deposit funds!
So if you’re looking for a few quick relaxing slots in between high stakes poker games, these bonuses are also totally worth checking out! Also remember, such as promotions have special requirements, like wager 40x before withdrawing your wins from Free spins.

* Free Spins Received by E-mail

Many casinos will also send you an email with a code for free spins in two cases: a) if you haven’t logged on for a while b) to promote the casino to new users
So if there’s an online casino you haven’t played at for a while, it might be worth looking into – make sure to also check your spam folder, since you may find a few hours’ worth of free fun.

Video slots:

Obviously, free spins can be received in video slots, but in different ways.

I) win free spins in the game

It calls in-game free spins. You are betting and when you get the right combinations, you win Free spins (commonly, 3 Scatters trigger free spins). For example:

10 free spins

What video slots give a chance to win the max. amount of Free spins:

1) Jurassic Giants

Wooly Mammoths, Saber tooth Tigers, and T-Rexes: Plenty of megafaunas to hunt. Don’t limit your search for fortune to the brazen beasts alone: you stand to win up to 250 free extra spins! RTP is 96.01%. Play it here. 

250 free spins

2) 7 Monkeys

As they swing from branch to branch, the monkeys shake the palm trees and make it rain – they may even drop you up to 150 free spins in one shot! Use them to find the hidden treasure trove! RTP: 92.71%. Enjoy it here. 

7 monkeys free spins

3) Gladiators

Samnites and Retiarii rattle their swords and spears at one another, and the clanging of armor fills the air. Beat them in combat and the Emperor may give you the thumbs up – and reward you with up to 50 free spins. Play it here. 

Gladiators free spins

4) Emperor’s Wealth

As the booming of gongs spreads through the mountain ranges, jade and gold flow through fingers and into the Emperor’s coffers. Be a part of his retinue and you may be rewarded with up to 50 free spins! Spin it here. 

Dragon video slots

II) buy Free spins

It calls Buy Feature. Not all video slots, but some games offer options to buy free spins. Like 10 free spins will cost you 0.001 Bitcoin ($15) or 0.007 ETH (something like $2.8). The price depends on the game and various from a dollar to $100.

Buy Spins Feature

If you don’t want to wait for more free spins, you can buy some extra spins at lower prices than usual. Look around and see which amazing slots give you the most bang for your buck, here are some fan favorites:

1) Carnaval Forever 

This video slot game offers to buy 10 free spins min. price 0.01 ETH or 10 mBTC. So every spin will cost 0.001 ETH or 1 mBTC. Enjoy this game here

10 free spins 

2) John Hunter and the Book of Tut

Get 10 spins for the low price of only 1 BTC. Not available with ETH. Play video slot here

John Hunter and the Book of Tut video slot

3) Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza is a well-designed video slot game from Pragmatic provider. Super famous among gamblers with min. RTP 96.49%. 10 mBTC will buy you 10 free sugar-loaded spins! It's not cheap, but very funny to play it. Play here

Sweet Bonanze video slot

4) Fruitbat Crazy

This video slot from BetSoft provider. RTP 95.22%. 7.2 mBTC for 20 free spins – sounds like a deal right? But there’s an even better deal available! If you play with Ethereum, then 20 free spins with ETH cost 7.2 mETH (0.00036 ETH per spin - incredibly cheap)! Playing with Bitcoin, it will cost 0.0072 BTC / 20 free spins = 0.00036 BTC per spin. Play here

Fruitbat Crazy video slot

5) Viking Voyage

Sail the high seas and raid the treasury – 7 mETH or 7 mBTC will make 12 spins wash up on the rocky virtual shores. Play here.

Viking video slot

6) Story of Hercules

As you immerse yourself in a world of magical apples, deadly hydras, and razor-sharp beaks, you’ll need all the help you can get. 1.2 mBTC or 30 mETH will give you 10 chances to incur favor with the gods! Play here.

Buy Free spins or wait to win Free spins?

Honestly? There is no correct answer. Whether you are a casual gamer looking for a few relaxing spins or a hardcore professional who weathered the storms and was rewarded with jackpots, both decisions are good. TrustDice casino has games to suit any taste and RTP. So you can try both and decide which option is the best for yourself because it’s good to have a choice.

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