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Bitcoin Blackjack: online blackjack with bitcoin

Blackjack is one of the oldest and most popular casino games, and is one of the most popular online casino games in the world. There are many variations of this game: European blackjack, American blackjack, Bitcoin blackjack.

The blockchain revolution has created an entirely new world of provably fair Bitcoin blackjack games that allow gamers to play blackjack with crypto currency — but what is Bitcoin blackjack, and how does Bitcoin blackjack work?

What is Bitcoin Blackjack?

Bitcoin blackjack fundamentally identical to any other blackjack game with one important difference: Bitcoin blackjack is provably fair blackjack. Unlike “traditional” online blackjack games and casinos, which force players to trust the casino to deliver fair odds, Bitcoin blackjack runs on transparent code that can be viewed and verified by gamers.

Bitcoin blackjack offers another advantage over traditional online blackjack games — it’s possible to deposit and withdrawal winnings quickly. Many online gaming platforms use a variety of different withdrawal methods that can take days to complete.

Bitcoin blackjack makes it possible to win and withdrawal within an extremely short amount of time. Bitcoin transactions ensure that your winnings reach your personal wallet and are fully under your control within less than an hour, in most cases.

How to Play Bitcoin Blackjack

There are many different ways to play blackjack online, but every different method follows the same basic rules. The basics of how to play Bitcoin blackjack are relatively simple:

Blackjack is played with a dealer, at a table that offers up to seven spots. It’s also possible to play blackjack with just a single player and a dealer, however. Bitcoin blackjack players typically play against a dealer, and make a wager before receiving a hand.

Once a wager is made, the player is dealt two cards. The dealer is subsequently dealt two cards, and reveals one of these cards.

Action begins in Bitcoin blackjack once every player and the dealer has received their cards. Cards in blackjack carry a point value — the goal of Bitcoin blackjack is to create a hand that is more valuable than the dealer’s hand, but less than 21. For this reason, blackjack is sometimes referred to as “21”.

Cards are valued as follows:

Numbered cards are worth their numerical value

Jack, Queen, King, or face cards are worth 10 points

Aces are worth either 11 or 1, which is variable depending on which value works best for your hand

When it’s your turn as a Blackjack player, you can either choose to “hit”, or receive another card, or “stand”, and pass on receiving a card. If you take another card and your hand is worth over 21, you’re out!

Bitcoin Blackjack Tips & Examples

When you play 21 online or are interested in how to play Bitcoin blackjack, you might want to consider the following tips and tricks:

● Understand the rules! The more you understand about how Bitcoin blackjack works, the more likely you are to win

● Play online blackjack on platforms that are provably fair to ensure you’re not playing against stacked odds

● Consider using an “Insurance Card”. These aren’t playing cards — they are tables that help players make the right decision when calculating the odds of a particular bet in blackjack

If you’re excited to play blackjack now, check out Trust Platform’s provably-fair Bitcoin blackjack and get started!