Best Bitcoin Poker Games of 2022

Poker is one of the oldest and most popular casino games both online and offline. There are now hundreds of different online poker games available, and a vast variety of video poker games — but only Bitcoin poker sites, which operate on blockchain technology, are provably fair.

Online poker Bitcoin casinos provide gamers with the opportunity to play with cryptocurrency, rather than fiat currencies such as USD or EUR. This allows gamers to ensure that poker Bitcoin games aren’t “rigged” against them, adding another layer of trust to video poker.

What is Bitcoin Poker?

Bitcoin Poker is much like any other of the online poker games offered by online casinos today, with one important difference — unlike traditional online or video poker, games such as Bitcoin Texas holdem are built on blockchain technology.

The blockchain technology that drives the best Bitcoin poker games and Bitcoin casinos makes it possible for players to check the code that powers the game itself.

Unlike traditional video poker games, Bitcoin poker games allow gamers to “look under the hood” of the game and make sure they’re not playing against stacked odds.

Bitcoin poker also provides gamers with another major advantage — Bitcoin poker winnings, as well as Bitcoin poker freeroll winnings, can be withdrawn instantly via Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

How to Play Bitcoin Poker

There are many different types of video poker games and bonuses — online poker players are flooded with options such as double joker, double bonus, and tens or better. Bitcoin poker games operate in an almost identical manner to these games, with one important distinction: games are played with provably fair cryptocurrency.

Video poker games add a major factor that slot games don’t — the element of skill. Bitcoin video poker games, in most cases, are based on five-card poker hands, and can often be played in single-hand and multi-hand variants.

Bitcoin Poker Tips & Examples that work in 2022

The same strategies that can be applied to traditional vide poker can be applied to Bitcoin video poker, but there are a few unique tips that can be applied to Bitcoin poker:

● Keep in mind the best poker hands, such as Royal flush (K, 10, A, J, Q); Straight flush (five cards in a sequence); Four of a kind (all four cards of the same rank); Full house (three of a kind with a pair).

● Join a community! Get involved in a community such as a Bitcoin poker Reddit and share tips and tricks, or play on a platform that provides community features. Trust Platform provides players with both a live chat and a community forum.

● Keep a strategic mindset. Bitcoin video poker, like traditional video poker, is algorithm and machine based. Bitcoin poker odds are provably fair, but the machine-driven nature of the game makes it possible to take an odds-based strategic approach.

● Slow down! Unlike online poker, which can introduce a time restriction element, video poker can be played in a more leisurely fashion, allowing gamers to have fun and take control of their hand-per-hour rate

Bitcoin video poker offers the same relaxed gaming experience as traditional video poker, but places more power in the hands of gamers and allows them to remain in total control of their bankroll. If you’re interested in trying out Bitcoin video poker, check out Trust Platform’s Bitcoin video poker now!