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Bitcoin Dice: Bitcoin Dice Game

Bitcoin dice games are one of the simplest and purest casino games online today. There are thousands of different dice games available to play online today, but BTC dice games are the only “provably fair” option available.

Unlike other dice sites, platforms that offer Bitcoin or crypto dice don’t force players to trust the casino itself. Instead, Bitcoin dice runs on a transparent blockchain system that allows players to independently verify that the games they play are far, without stacked odds.

What is Bitcoin Dice?

All dice gambling games follow the same fundamental process, but there are two key differences between Bitcoin dice and traditional dice games that make them highly popular with gamers.

Firstly, Bitcoin dice is provably fair. Players themselves can check Trust Platform’s Bitcoin dice game to ensure that it’s fair and free from any odds tampering. With Trust Platform Bitcoin dice, the odds you see are the odds you play.

Secondly, Bitcoin dice allows players to gamble Bitcoin. This provides players with a massive advantage. Casino players are typically required to rely on casino platforms to release their withdrawals and payout their winnings.

Bitcoin dice, however, allow players to withdraw their winnings in Bitcoin at any time. Bitcoin withdrawal transactions typically take less than one hour to complete, providing players with the ability to access their winnings much faster than any other platform.

How to Play Bitcoin Dice

Playing Bitcoin dice is extremely simple and is comparable to many other simple BTC gambling games.

In a dice Bitcoin game, players choose a number between 1 and 100 and place a wager on whether a dice roll will land above or below that number they have chosen — it’s that simple. Betting that a dice roll will result in a number lower than 75, for example, has the same chance as betting that the roll will land over 25. Most Bitcoin dice game odds are transparent, with a 1% house favor.

The basic steps of playing Bitcoin dice are:

1. Choose a number between 1 and 100 that you predict the dice roll will land either over or under and place a wager.

2. Roll the dice!

Bitcoin Dice Tips & Examples

There are a many tips and tricks you can use to increase the chances of winning big on Bitcoin dice:

● Consider playing with a dice strategy, such as the Martingale strategy.

● Slowly increase your bet amount when you’re on a winning streak — don’t get too hasty!

● Bank half of your winnings to ensure a profit when you’re on a roll.

● Consider playing on a platform that provides benefits, such as a Bitcoin faucet.

Trust Platform is a highly transparent crypto gaming platform that provides provably fair games and, importantly, provides Bitcoin dice with faucet bonuses that provide players with a small amount of FREE crypto every day! If you’re interested in trying out Bitcoin dice, try out TrustDice today.

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