Bitcoin Dice Game: Games Of Chance

Bitcoin dice games are one of the simplest and purest casino games online today. There are thousands of different dice games available to play online today, but BTC dice games are the only “provably fair” option available.

Unlike other dice sites which use fiat or real money to place money bets, platforms that offer Bitcoin or crypto dice games don't force players to trust the casino itself. Instead, Bitcoin dice runs on a transparent blockchain system that allows players to independently verify that the games they play are far, without stacked odds.

Provably Fair Casino Dice Game

All dice gambling games follow the same fundamental process, but two key differences between online dice games or Bitcoin dice and popular casino dice games make them highly popular with gamers.

Firstly, Bitcoin dice is a provably fair dice game. Players themselves can check the TrustDice site to ensure that it's fair and free from any odds of tampering. With the TrustDice platform, it's a simple game compared to other board games; the odds you see are the odds you play.

Secondly, online casinos offering popular dice games allow players to gamble Bitcoin. This provides players with a massive advantage. Casino players must rely on online casino platforms to release their withdrawals and payout their winnings.

Bitcoin dice, however, allow players to withdraw their winnings in Bitcoin at any time. Bitcoin withdrawal transactions typically take less than one hour to complete, allowing players to access their winnings much faster than any other platform.

Benefits of Playing Bitcoin dice

Fair and legitimate play

The transparency of the entire procedure is one of the first advantages of playing Bitcoin dice. In addition, there is better reliability because of the technique by which these cryptocurrencies work, whether it is a Bitcoin dice game from an online casino or a land-based one, an entire complex of different games, or a single one, like shib dice. Bitcoins are some of the safest wagers available because each game has its own weaknesses and gambling characteristics exploited by inventive employees.

The essential thing to remember here is never to buy hidden methods, and game schemes that rely on fraud are avoided. You can try a scheme for free if it is offered. Many gambling sites entice players, particularly newcomers, with free instant money, cashback, free spins, and other promotions.

As a result, Bitcoin casinos with rapid money withdrawal offer significant bonuses on initial deposits. That way, you may easily send Bitcoins to your crypto wallet.

Getting a square deal

In a game based simply on chance and odds, having an equitable playing field is critical and can significantly boost your chances of winning. Not only is the playing field more level, but there are supervisory sites that monitor the games and guarantee that they are fair to the player.

Bitcoin dice games, like land-based dice games, are essential, with the player selecting a number and then deciding whether the dice will roll a number more significant or less than the number he has chosen. After that, you simply roll the dice and win or lose as the stakes fall.

Safety and Confidentiality

Another fascinating aspect of Bitcoin dice games is the notion of anonymity, in which the site safeguards your identity.

Increased winnings

A fourth factor that players like with Bitcoin dice games is the opportunity to win significant amounts of cryptocurrency, similar to winning a guaranteed prize. Not only can you win enormous sums of cryptocurrency, but your earnings will tend to grow over time, double your original profits in a few years.When you win a bitcoin dice game, you receive a guaranteed investment that will grow in value in the future.

Games of Skill: How to Play Bitcoin Dice

Playing Bitcoin dice is extremely simple and is comparable to many other simple BTC board games.

There are several types of bets you can place in playing a casino dice game, but in this game of chance, players choose a number between 1 and 100 and place a wager on whether a dice roll will land above or below that number they have chosen — it's that simple.

For example, betting that a dice roll will result in a number lower than 75 has the same chance as betting that the roll will land over 25. Most Bitcoin dice game odds are transparent, with a 1% house edge advantage.

The basic steps of playing the fun dice games are:

1. Choose a number between 1 and 100 that you predict the dice roll will land either over or under and place a wager.

2. Roll the dice!

Bitcoin Dice Strategy Guide

Strategy on alternating patterns

Look for any patterns in the games. They usually come in three sets, so you roll under 50, then over 50, then under again. This pattern is likely to stop soon.

Martingale Bitcoin Dice Strategy

When you're in a losing run, gradually increase your wager amount. As a result, when you eventually win a wager, the payoff compensates your losses from the prior losing streak.

For example, suppose you lose a 5 BTC bet on a roll of less than 50. If you lose again, bet 10 BTC to roll less than 50. Then, if you lose again, bet 15 BTC that the roll will be less than 50. This practice is repeated until you forecast a roll accurately.

Break-Even Martingale strategy

The break-even Martingale, like the conventional Martingale crypto dice method, can help you withstand a losing run for longer. It slows the rate at which stakes are raised by staggering the staking process.If you lose a 5 BTC bet on a roll of less than 50, you place another wager of 5 BTC. 

If you lose another time, stake the same amount. If the second bet fails, you raise the bet to 10 BTC.

Paroli Bitcoin dice strategy

The goal here is to capitalize on winning streaks to minimize losses and capitalize on winning streaks.

To do so, you must first determine the starting stake. After that, after each win, you will double your bet. Finally, after three progressive wins, you will stop raising your bet and only wager your base stake if you lose.

Using Bitcoin for dice games

Crypto has risen in popularity over the years, so it's no surprise that it's now integrated into the online casino gaming system. Aside from the thriving Bitcoin market, other cryptocurrencies can be used to play crypto-dice games.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use crypto for dice games:

  • Increased transaction speed. Unlike traditional money transfers, crypto transactions will take only a few hours, regardless of the amount or location. This also implies that you will receive faster payouts and a more convenient withdrawal option.
  • Reduced transaction fees. Crypto transactions feature lower fees than regular banking choices since no third parties are involved.
  • Security. Because of the decentralization of crypto transactions, fraud is nearly impossible. Your cryptocurrency transactions will stay anonymous and hence cannot be seized.

Casino Dice Game Tips & Examples

There are many tips and tricks you can use to increase the chances of winning big in the gambling game:

  • ​Consider playing with a dice strategy, such as the Martingale strategy.
  • Slowly increase your bet amount when you're on a winning streak — don't get too hasty!
  • Bank half of your winnings to ensure a profit when you're on a roll.
  • Consider playing on a gambling house platform that provides benefits, such as a Bitcoin faucet.

Trust Dice Platform is a highly transparent crypto gaming platform that provides provably fair games and, importantly, provides a fun games with faucet bonuses that provide players with a small amount of FREE crypto every day! If you're interested in trying out popular dice games, try out TrustDice today.