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Bitcoin Dice Game Guide

Bitcoin dice guide by TrustDice

What is Bitcoin Dice?


Bitcoin Dice is a provably fair online game that works on a cryptographic algorithm. It was first introduced in 2012 at a crypto casino and quickly became a favorite game among gamblers. Players can bet on under and over and set their own multipliers for the game. The house edge may vary but for most crypto casinos like TrustDice, it operates at only 1% which gives the players a good chance of winning. The best thing about this game is that you can verify your results mathematically, unlike other casino games. Different casinos may have different dynamics for the game and betting options but usually, you need to roll a number between 1-100 and place your wager on the outcome.


How to Play Bitcoin Dice?


It's really simple. You need to register at any reputable crypto casino like TrustDice, where it takes a few seconds to make an account. Once you have successfully registered, make a deposit with your desired cryptocurrency. Alternatively, you can also claim free coins from the faucet if the casino allows it. Now that you have some coins in your wallet either by deposit or faucet, you can now play the game. Below is a screenshot that explains everything about the Dice Game.


Here’s the breakdown of the above screenshot.


1- Mode: There are mainly two modes of betting: Automated & Manual

In Manual betting, you need to enter the bet amount and win chance manually for each bet. While in the automated betting mode, you can enter a particular bet amount and give instructions on what to do after a win and loss. You can also enter when the automated betting shall stop, after some profit or loss.


2- Under/Over: You can click on the “reverse” sign at the right side of the box to select under or over. To adjust the number, you can use the bar where it says “50” in the screenshot.


3- Bet Amount: You can enter how much you want to wager for the next bet.


4- Quick options: You can use these buttons to adjust your bet quickly. The “½” will reduce your bet to half. The “2x” option will double your bet. You can also use the “Min” and “Max” options to set the bet amount to a minimum and maximum, respectively.

5- Roll: Once you have entered the bet amount, set your multiplier, and decided whether you want to bet over or under, you can press the “Roll” button to generate the result.


6- Jackpot: Not all crypto casinos have this option but reputed and known casinos will usually have a jackpot. You just need to click on the jackpot and read the rules, as every casino may have different rules for the jackpot.


7- Fairness: You can change your “Client” and “Server” seeds using this option. You can scroll down below to understand how the provably fair system actually works.


8- Settings: There are mainly 4 tools under Settings as follows:


  • Animation: You can enable or disable animations for faster rolls.

  • Sound: Just like the animations, you can control the sound of the game.

  • Hotkeys: If you want to make bets quickly using the keyboard, this option comes in handy. Please check the keys for each casino. Below are the hotkeys for TrustDice.

Q ➔ Toggle condition to win 

A ➔ Double bet amount 

S ➔ Half bet amount 

W ➔ Decrease prediction by 1 

E ➔ Increase prediction by 1 

D ➔ Set the minimum bet amount 

SPACE ➔ Roll dice


Max Bet: To avoid pressing the “Max” button under Bet Amounts, you can simply disable the Max Bet option using this option. Once you disable it, the Max Bet button will become unclickable under the Bet Amounts tab.


 9- Stats: Here can see how many rolls you have made and how much luck you have had in the current session. You can also see the number of wins and losses and may reset the stats whenever you wish.


What is a Bitcoin Dice Roll, and how to verify it?


The result generated for each bet is termed as a "Roll" for the Dice game. A roll is generated from the combination of the client seed and the server seed. Each roll is unique since the data for each roll changes after every bet. Players enter their own client seed which directly influences the result of the roll. Since both the casino and the player enter their own seeds for each bet, neither the player nor the casino can cheat.


You can use a third-party tool to verify your bets because decrypting the whole algorithm is really complicated. Here are some tools that you can use to verify your bets.

Please note these are third-party tools, and you must do your due diligence before using them.

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