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What is the meaning of provably fair gambling?

Provably fair is a mechanism that allows users to validate every outcome. It uses a cryptographic hash and algorithm to assure the operator's impartiality. Checking the operator's impartiality has lately become an industry standard. Operators typically display certificates to reassure players that they are fair. Nonetheless, players may utilize the provably fair approach at some crypto-gambling sites to verify outcomes independently.

Random number generators, seed generators, and hashes are used in provably fair gaming. RNGs create millions, if not billions, of numbers every second. In provably fair gaming, seed generators allow participants to add seed numbers to ensure that the operator cannot alter the outcome. The hashing technique converts long data strings into shorter ones. A hashed seed number is encrypted and unbreakable, indicating that it has not been altered.

This may appear challenging. There are three (3) major components:

  • ​First, seeding the server (the operator provides it).
  • Client seeding (your browser offers it, and you adjust it).
  • Nonce (a number that surges with each wager you place).

How does provably fair gambling work?

You're probably wondering how provably fair works now that you know what it is. We will walk you through the procedure below:

  1. ​A seed number is generated, hashed, and sent to the player by the Provably Fair online casino.
  2. The player is given the hashed seed number and asked to input their seed.
  3. The bet is settled, and the outcome is known.
  4. The player receives the seed they used in the wager once the bet has played out.
  5. The player might then proceed to confirm the stake.
  6. If there has been any tampering, verification will not be completed, and the player will be aware that something is amiss. 
  7. If the data is correct, the outcome was random, as it should have been.

What's the big deal about verifying your results?

For obvious reasons, you cannot verify your results while playing the game. You would win every hand if you had access to the seed numbers before or during the game. As a result, the verification occurs after the session has ended and all bets have been settled. You will produce a hashed server seed to disclose the unhashed seed used during your play.

You must guarantee that the hashed seed you have is the hash of the unhashed server seed to assess the fairness of the session you played. You will also need to utilize an online tool to compute the outcome of each roll and compare it to the rolls you received while playing. You have yet to be duped if they match.

RNG vs provably fair gambling

RNGs are preferred by fiat casino players, but crypto casino players prefer the provably fair algorithm. The outcomes of provably fair algorithms are public, whereas those of random number generators are not. The results of Random Number Generators are confidential and monitored by other parties, so you have no option but to trust them.

Players in provably fair gambling have two options for verifying the game outcome: via software or manually. You have no choice but to trust the regulatory organizations in your country to recruit reputable third-party testing specialists in RNG games. They will then verify that the results of each game are accurate and fair. Fairness is, of course, ensured at the best-rated online casinos. However, for some consumers, experimenting with new brands may be unsettling.

Furthermore, the outcomes of provably fair games establish an immutable record on the crypto currency blockchain system you utilize. It's kept on a public ledger, and no one can access it until the game is done, so there's no way to cheat.

It's worth noting that crypto casinos have progressed from merely provably fair games. You'll likely discover such options in the lobby and a comprehensive list of RNG-powered online casino slots, table games, and even live dealer tables.

Pros and cons of provably fair games

Provably fair games provide various advantages for players, but they also have significant disadvantages. We've listed them all here, and it's up to you to determine whether or not they're right for you.


  • ​The security of your financial information.
  • Faster transactions with a transparent record.
  • RTP rates are higher. 
  • You go through your game outcomes.


  • ​The graphics and gaming elements might be improved.
  • You can only use cryptocurrency as a payment option.
  • Only available on certain crypto casino games.

How to choose a provably fair gambling site

Several sites can be proven to be fair. So, which should you choose? We've published in-depth recommendations on "how to choose a casino" elsewhere on this site. Still, several characteristics are unique and exclusive to provably fair sites that we'll discuss here. Of course, the "common sense" rules apply when choosing any gaming site to apply here.

Keep in mind that just because a website promises to be "provably fair" doesn't guarantee it is. So you should still seek the advice of specialists before enrolling.

Make sure it takes your preferred cryptocurrency

This is self-evident, but because everyone nowadays has a "favorite" cryptocurrency, it's worth trying to find out which cryptos the site you're contemplating supports.

Some provably fair sites accept Bitcoin, while others allow Litecoin, Ethereum, and a few more cryptocurrencies

Check to ensure that everything is secure and completely safe

Sloppy security will be penalized at any casino, but it will be identified and exploited quickly in the Bitcoin community. In case you hadn't noticed, some of the people participating in this arena have quite advanced computing capabilities, while others have malicious motives.

Some websites provide high-level security solutions to provide you with peace of mind. Some, for example, offer multi-signature cold storage. However, this implies that your cryptocurrency is held offline on a hardware wallet, and access to money requires consent from several keyholders.That's the kind of security we look for in provably fair gambling sites.

Check to see if it provides the services you require

Some sites offer provably fair casinos, sites that offer provably fair sports betting, sites that provide lotteries, and sites that provide a combination of gambling services.

Which site is best for you as a player depends entirely on your preferences. We can't tell you what you want, but we can tell you what each site offers.

Make sure that it is transparent

We like transparency in all gaming sites, but especially in those that are provably fair.

We've seen sites that detail every wager put in real time, time-stamped, with usernames (if the user has decided to disclose), odds, bet amounts, and winnings, all updated on the blockchain as games and sporting events play out.

We've also uncovered websites that make their game source codes available for the Bitcoin community to analyze and test. While most gamers will not grasp this coding, it does demonstrate that these sites are transparent, honest, and fair. As a result, you can be sure that someone somewhere will notice anything strange in the code and reveal it.

Examine the distinctive features it provides

Provably fair gaming sites frequently include things that regular casinos do not. These are designed to meet the special demands of cryptocurrency gamers.

Some websites, for example, include increased privacy features such as coin-picking algorithms. This increases the level of privacy in your gaming activities.

Other cool features include automated betting, the ability to program "hotkeys" to perform casino functions automatically (such as hitting or standing in blackjack), and social functions, such as the ability to chat with other players and betting leaderboards.

All of these "little details" may make a significant impact on your entire betting experience, before deciding on one, research what each site has to offer.

Check to see whether the provably fair casino provides bonuses and promotions

Bonuses and promotions are only available at some provably fair gaming casinos. Some of them, though, do.

At the best provably fair betting sites, you'll find cashback incentives, daily awards, loyalty bonuses, and a variety of other benefits.

However, only some websites provide perks. You'll have to look around to locate the sites that provide precisely what you're looking for. If bonuses are being provided, carefully read the terms and conditions.

Can provably fair casino games be hacked?

Although provably fair casino games are safe and secure, they are nonetheless vulnerable to human manipulation and hacking. On paper, bettors may influence the games as casinos publicise the game's algorithm.

This hypothesis can be accomplished in the future by more people being aware of the complexities of the mentioned system.

However, hackers are currently the least of the player's concerns. Therefore, Crypto casinos with exploitative operators should be avoided by players.

Though hacking would damage the operators' businesses and would be difficult owing to blockchain technology, it is feasible. As technology progresses, so does people's capacity to tamper with its nuances. A provably fair system is vulnerable to hacking efforts by the operator, especially if the site has concealed security weaknesses. Before betting, it is a good idea to check out the crypto casino site.

Now that you've learned about verifiable fairness, you can make an informed selection about the finest crypto casino. Although Provably Fair makes crypto casinos secure, we should still use caution in online transactions.