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Bitcoin Crash Gambling Guide

TrustDice Bitcoin crash gambling

What is Bitcoin Crash Gambling?

Crash is an innovative game that originated from crypto casinos and is one of the most popular provably fair game. There are different variants of the game available at different casinos but they all have a similar manner in which it works. A rocket starts going up and will crash at a particular multiplier, and players need to cash their bets before the rocket crashes down.

It is a thrilling experience to play a crash game because it requires a good balance of greed and panic. If you cash out too early, you may regret watching the rocket go high, while if you get greedy and the rocket crashes, you will lose all the potential profits.


How to play the crash gambling game?

Let’s understand all the features of a crash game with the example below.  


1- Manual/AutoBetting: You can choose either of the options. While the manual betting mode is more thrilling, the automatic mode is easier for applying strategies to the game automatically. Lots of players use strategies like martingale with auto betting. It can be hectic to manually apply the strategies, but then manual betting is just so much fun.

2- Bet amount: You can choose the amount you want to bet on the next round and click “Join” to place your bet.

After joining the round, you will see a “Cash Out” button as shown below. Pressing it will cash your bet at the current multiplier and secure your winnings for that round.


3- Previous Results: You can always see the previous results of the crash game and deploy your strategy based on that. If the rocket has crashed at small multipliers, it might be time for a big one next round and if the rocket went huge in previous rounds, then it might be wise to wait for a few silent rounds. Plan and apply your own winning strategy!

4- Settings: You can enable/disable sounds, animations, and the max bet. Be careful when you enable the max bet because it means you are betting all of your funds in a single bet.

5- Other Players in the round: As you can see, there are lots of players playing in each round. You can watch who wins in the round and who was too greedy as the rocket crashed.


Useful tips for betting on the crash game

Although nothing can guarantee you profits for the long term, there are some points to keep in mind which will definitely increase your chances of winning and make your gambling experience more exciting.

  • Don’t be greedy: While playing a crash game, players get too greedy and keep expecting the rocket to go higher. Always set your target payout to something realistic and repeatable. You cannot expect the rocket to go 100x every round. 

  • Don’t be too passive: It’s important to avoid cashing your bets too early because every now and then, the rocket will crash at the base multiplier, and it’s wise to play for decent multipliers. Don’t be too greedy while also don’t get too passive with small multipliers.

  • Use the Auto-Cashout feature: Not every casino that offers the crash game providers this feature. Hence, it’s important to utilize the Auto-Cashout feature available at TrustDice to cash out the bet at a set multiplier because the game happens in real-time, and a slight internet lag can cost you money.

You can try strategies like Martingale, in which you double the bet amount each time you lose and reset every time you win. But if you are applying strategies like martingale which are explosive in nature, keep the base bet amount smaller.


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