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Best Crash Gambling Scripts

Crash gambling scripts

Crash gambling is what?

If speak shortly, Crash gambling is a type of betting game based on predictive odds. You don’t have to play and hope for luck, like in other casino games. In Crash games, you can understand how much is possible to win. So you’re fully aware of your chance to win.

How Crash gambling games look like?

It consists of a constantly increasing line going up and multiplying your bet. You can cash out any time – but the line can also crash at any time, which forfeits the payout of anybody who hasn’t cashed out yet. After a few seconds, another round starts. You can either cash out yourself or have your rewards cashed out automatically (it calls auto betting) when the meter reaches a certain number.

How can I play Crash gambling sites?

It’s a good question. There are 3 main options:

a) Manual betting. It’s just you bet by yourself. Click to bet, click to cash out, etc. Honestly, you can get bored. Watching the Line goes up and down can be profitable, but not really entertaining.

b) Autobetting. Many crash games have the option to bet automatically. You need to fill the settings and click Start. It will bet for you. You just watch it or leave it. But you better have a strategy for this. Read more about Crash gambling strategy.

c) Gambling Scripts.
Time to talk about what is scripts in gambling, where to play with scripts, and what kind of scripts are existing.

This how script looks like:

crash gambling scripts

What is Gambling Scripts?

It’s a list of commands that are executed by a certain program or scripting engine. Scripts may are used to automate processes – in this case, to cash out automatically only when all conditions you set for the script are met.

What crash gambling scripts and where I can use them?

Most major cryptocurrency crash websites allow scripts. Most scripts are available for free – but some scripts offer premium functionalities that you will have to pay for if you want the edge they may give you.

Nanogames crash scripts:

1. Nub Script
First off, we will be talking about the house’s favorite script for NanoGames.io – Nubs Script. Featuring algorithms to catch red trains and adjust your bets accordingly, take into account your personal losses and wins, and make a strategy based on your personal trends. If you haven’t gambled enough to have that inner feeling for the numbers, Nubs Script can show you how it’s done. Check Nub Script

2. Toaster Kitty
If you’re gunning for a massive payout worth over 50 times your original bet, try Toaster Kitty! Just set your beginning PayOut, and increase PayOut on Loss & Minimum Profit. The script will figure out what to do. See the Toaster Kitty script

3. Low Payout
If your play style resembles the patterns used by day traders and forex scalpers, this is the script for you. It will always cash out at 1.01x – meaning you will have to be playing for a very long time to actually see a noticeable profit – however, you will win a little bit every time. This script is ideal if you want to just set a few bucks to multiply overnight while you catch some Zs. Copy Low Payout script.

4. Martingale With Statistics
This script is the robotic iteration of the Martingale Betting Strategy. While following the classic Martingale strategy, a player will increase their bet by a fixed percentage every time a round is lost. Once the player wins a round, they will go back to the amount that they originally started betting with. Open this crash gambling script.

Other NanoGames Scripts for more experienced gamblers going for mid-range bets:
Coin Collector Reset, Coin Collector V2, and King KashOut V1 are all simple scripts that mostly take care of automated betting only. Their functionality is barebones by design – these scripts count on your gambling acumen! 

bustabit script

Bustabit Scripts:

Bustabit - is one of the famous bitcoin crash gambling game. The Bustabit provides its own scripts, but obviously, you should be very careful using them, because many players have used it and scripts can't consistently give profit. You need to change it time by time.

Everyone loved to get a working script, but one more time, the good scripts can't give profit for a long and you have to look for more scripts. There are some free Bustabit scripts, which you can use to try your luck. It's free, why not use it, right? Here are scripts you can use for your own risk.

1. Bustabitbaka script

It bets on a 3x multiplier. As it looks like to Labouchere tactic, when it wins, it won’t return to the original base bet. Open script

2. PoChanger v1

It might help to win a few rounds, use it wisely. To see the script: PoChanger v1.

3. My Sniper v1

MySniper does not have any special functions, but it is dependable and a good alternative to other basic scripts. Don’t forget to set a limit on high bets while using it! Open My Sniper script

4. Game Timer V1.1 

Game Timer excels when dealing with high odds, and is best suited to longer gaming sessions. Game Timer also features a losing mode that can be activated when you’re not doing too well and you want to minimize risks. Open the script.


It's a fast and easy to use crash gambling script. Open the script.

6. Buy Scripts

However, if you think you need something special and you're ready to pay for scripts. Then you can buy scripts here. Bustabit Buster is a site that offers paid scripts, with prices tailored to your needs. The reason why these scripts are not free is that aside from constant support from the creators of the scripts, they are constantly being improved, have many extra functionalities. Do it at your own risk.

Little Bonus: Bustabit Scripts simulator

Use this simulator to check whether your script is working. It's very convenient: Bustabit Simulator.

EtherCrash Scripts:

EtherCrash is an ethereum crash game. You can use PoChanger v1 script. It's a good way to try crash betting in a different way, in a more automotive way.

Can I write a crash gambling script by myself?

Of course, and we have a good guide for learning how to write scripts. However, it will take some time to learn and write your first script. If you would like to do, open the guide Crash gambling Scripts.

Can You Hack Crash Gambling?

The short answer is no. Crash Gambling is provably fair because Crash games use blockchain technology to ensure the games cannot be tampered with by either the developer, the gambling
website, or the player. Well, if you think using scripts is one of the ways of hacking, then in this meaning - Yes, it's a way to overplay/hack the game.

Scripts do not break the game – they merely analyze it and use machine learning to boost your odds. Using scripts to gamble can be compared to using autopilot to steer a plane – the machine is quicker than you, but it still needs human oversight. So, while a script won’t make you win every time, they can definitely help you win more rounds than you otherwise would, without using any illegal advantage!

Can I use scripts in the TrustDice Crash game?

We really wish you have this option to play our Crash betting game with the script. But at this moment, TrustDice doesn't provide a scripts gambling option. We all hope it will be available in the future because everyone loves to play a Crash game and betting with scripts can be fun too. 


In the end, it’s your choice – gamblers are playing Crash Gambling to relax, but using scripts might take away the fun of the game. If you’re gunning for a big win and looking for extra advantages, you should definitely look into using scripts. Remember one more thing, do it carefully and wisely, you're responsible for your own money. Good luck, my friend! 

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