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Introducing a game known to those in the know: Sports Book (Bookmaker)

In this article, I will thoroughly explain sports books (bookmakers) that are often handled at online casinos, but I think there are many people who say, "I only know the name."

Compared to public gambling such as pachinko and horse racing, as well as poker and baccarat, sportsbooks are a minor game in Japan.

Recently, popular influencers on Twitter have been picking up sports books here and there, and there is an atmosphere that their name recognition is gradually increasing.

I myself learned about a game called sportsbook after being advertised by influencers on SNS.

This time, even if you have hardly heard of sports books, we will explain it firmly so that you can understand the game and have fun playing it.

table of contents:

What is a sports book (bookmaker)? Historical gambling that originated in England!


First of all, a sports book is basically a "game where you bet (" bet ") on the outcome of sports."

A bookmaker in parentheses is a bettor, which is a bit confusing but has nothing to do with a "book".

By the way, bookmakers deal not only with sports but also with various types of "betting", but sports books are currently the most major.

Bookmakers, including sports books, are minor in Japan, but in the UK, they are government-approved "national games."

The first bookmaker started horse racing in the 1790s and is a game with a long history of over 200 years.

In addition, bookmakers are gaining popularity not only in the United Kingdom, but beyond Europe and around the world.

According to the data of google trend in February 2009, it has gained high popularity not only in Europe but also in the United States and Africa.

Why are sports books so popular?

Sports books are relatively unpopular in Japan, but they are very popular overseas, not only in the birthplace of England, but around the world.

So where is the "interest" when comparing sportsbooks to other games? Let's find out why it is so popular.

■ Reasons why sports books (bookmakers) are popular:

  • The game is simple and clear
  • Doubly delicious if you are interested in what you bet on
  • Very high reduction rate
  • Unlike ordinary gambling, you can use your knowledge to fight
  • You can bet on various game elements

When comparing sportsbooks to other games, pachinko, baccarat, and poker, it is characteristic that the factors that influence the game are not the players or the dealers, but are based entirely on external competition.

This means that even if you don't have a lot of gambling knowledge, if you have a deep knowledge of the game you are betting on, you can even do giant killing that will make you more profitable than a veteran gambler.

If you like sports, you might expect higher profits than poker or blackjack.

Let's take a look at the "reasons for popularity" listed above one by one.

  • The rules of the game are simple and clear:

The rules of sportsbooks are straightforward when compared to common games such as poker and mahjong.

Basically, you just compare the odds and bet on "Which team wins?", So you can participate in the game without having to remember a single role or grasping the basic strategy. ..

In particular, once you bet on a single bet, you only have to watch the game, so you can enjoy it even if you have no knowledge of sports books.

However, it takes some getting used to understanding when trying to multi-bet for higher returns.

  • Doubly delicious if you are interested in what you bet on:

Sportsbooks can actually bet on quite a few types of sports, not just specific ones.

It is doubly delicious for sports fans, as you can watch the game of your favorite sport, cheer for the team, and experience the tingling game by cutting your money.

Of course, "gambling alone" like poker and blackjack is fun enough, but even so, if you're having fun with a community of fans and friends, sportsbooks may be more exciting.

  • Very high return rate:


Sports books are also characterized by a high return rate compared to public gambling and lottery tickets.

This "return rate" is the rate at which you will be refunded for the amount you spend.

Considering that you can make money not only in sports books but also in gambling games in general, it is a good idea to keep the return rate low.

The high return rate is not only a feature of sports books, but many games in online casinos have a high return rate compared to public gambling.

For example, if you compare the return rate of horse racing between sports books and public gambling, the return rate of horse racing is about 70% to 80%, but in sports books it exceeds 90%.

Public gambling horse racing and bookmakers have very different operating systems, and the difference is also reflected in the return rate.

By the way, not only sports books but also online casino games, the return rate exceeds 90%.

  • Unlike ordinary gambling, you can use your knowledge to fight:

The characteristic of the sportsbook is that the opponent to be captured is not another player or a casino dealer, but a completely external match.

It has a rather peculiar game nature that it is advantageous to have abundant knowledge of sports rather than general gambling knowledge.

Therefore, some people think of sportsbooks as an investment, and you can actually see Japanese people who are spreading sportsbook investment on youtube.

  • You can bet on various game elements:

The target of betting on sports books is basically "winning or losing the game", but in reality, betting on various elements in the game such as "how many points will win", "who will score the final goal", etc. can do.

You can also bet while watching the flow of the game in the sports book where live betting is prepared.

If you are familiar with the players or can read the flow of the game, you may be able to bet on the maniac elements during the game and get a delicious return.

What kind of person is a sports book suitable for? People who are familiar with sports are naturally strong!

People who are suitable for sports books have a strong impression that they are sports enthusiasts who are familiar with sports where they can bet.

As with any gambling, sportsbooks need to know what to bet on and how to bet, but this knowledge is quite "familiar" without spending a lot of time.

On the other hand, it takes a long time, not half a year, to gain enthusiastic knowledge about sports, which is a big advantage.

What kind of sports can I bet on in a sports book? There are so many

Soccer is a well-known sport for making sports books, but you can actually bet on a wide variety of sports. also sells sports books, but you can bet on so many sports as shown in the table below.

🏒 Ice hockey

Alpine competition

🏉 Aussie Rules

🏏 Cricket

Cross country

⛳️ Golf

🚴‍♀️ Cycling

⚽️ Soccer

⛷ Ski jump

🏎 Stock car

🎱 Snooker


🎯 Darts

🎾 Tennis

🤾‍♀️ Handball


🏍 Bike racing

🏀 Basketball

🏸 Badminton

🏐 Volleyball


⚽️ Futsal

🏑 Floorball

🥊 Boxing

🏉 Rugby


League of Legends

🏓 Table tennis

🤽‍♀️ Water polo

🥋 Mixed martial arts

⚾️ Baseball

In this article, I referred to the sportsbook, but in many sportsbooks, not just, you can bet on various competitions from minor to major in this way.

Also, as I mentioned briefly in [You can bet on various elements], sportsbooks can bet not only on competitions where you can bet, but also on various scores that occur during the match.

Examples of various scores that can be bet on sportsbooks:

  • Win or lose the game
  • Difference in points between victory and defeat
  • Number of corner kicks
  • First half game result / second half game result

And so on, there are countless numbers.

Sportsbook guide! Let's just know this


Introducing the knowledge that "this is all you need to know" when playing in a sports book.

Of course, since sportsbooks are simple games, you can play games with intuitive operations, but by considering what we are going to introduce, you can work on sportsbooks more interestingly and strategically.

1. Understand the "odds" that appear in sports books

Even if you don't usually do public gambling such as horse racing, you may have heard the word "odds" in manga or anime.

Not limited to sports books, these "odds" are one of the most important factors in gambling, and the odds determine the amount of money you can earn.

Odds in sportsbooks represent "probability difficulty".

In other words, the higher the odds, the less likely the event will occur.

* The exact meaning of the odds will vary depending on the field. Sportsbook odds do not always show exactly the same as in other disciplines.

In sportsbooks, the higher the odds, the more money you can earn, and the harder the choices are.

■ How are the odds determined?

Many people may have questions here. The question is, "Then, how do bookmakers decide how difficult it is for an event to occur?"

The actual situation may be calculated by referring to the pattern in which a person such as a bookmaker investment professional called an odds compiler is inside to determine the odds, or past statistical data.

Of course, it is not decided properly, and there is some reason for "difficulty in hitting (odds bias)".

In addition to the past data and the thoughts of the odds compiler, the bookmaker's thoughts that make users want to participate more are also incorporated.

In this way, the bookmaker decides the odds based on the grounds, so the odds are certainly a credible factor to some extent, but the bookmaker's speculation is also included in the display odds, so it is actually recommended to overconfide. can not.

Also, sports enthusiasts may be better at determining "less likely to happen" when the state of the player or the situation surrounding the team changes, rather than historical data or the odds compiler. ..

Due to these circumstances, even those who actually consider bookmakers as an investment tend not to recommend using only odds as the basis for bet entry.

■ Notation of three odds

I would like to introduce the odds of sports books because there are three notations as well as the familiar ones in the format expressed by the decimal point.

  1. Decimal (decimal point): This notation is used in public gambling horse racing in Japan, and I think it is a familiar notation.
  2. American: The symbols "+" and "-" precede the odds numbers. + Indicates high odds and-is the opposite.
  3. Fractional: Fractional is the profit that the numerator can earn and the denominator is the stake. For example, if 2/1 is displayed, if you bet 100 yen (denominator (1)), the profit of 200 yen (molecule (2)) will be added and (300 yen (total 3)) will be returned. ..

I don't think I'm used to fractional at first, so if it's displayed in fractional, I recommend changing it to decimal notation if you can change it.

The notation familiar in Japan is decimal, but since the UK, which is the home of bookmakers, uses fractional notation, fractional notation may be set depending on the online casino you play.

2. Bet type


There are quite a lot of bet types, including minor ones, so this time we will only pick out the main ones.

The betting methods that can be selected in the sportsbook include winning / losing prediction / overunder / handicap, and you can bet in two patterns, single bet and multi-bet.

In addition, there are various betting methods in multi-bet, but if you are new to betting, it is best to start with the simplest betting method, single betting.

■ Typical bet types:

  • Prediction of victory or defeat
  • Over Under
  • handicap
  • Single bet
  • Multi-bet
    • Accumulator
    • Permutation (system bet)
    • Other bets
  • Live bet

Typical bet types are listed above, but multi-bet options are a bit more complicated than single bets and take a little getting used to.

■ Prediction of victory or defeat

This is the most famous betting method in sports books. Sometimes called match betting or money line.

It's a simple way to predict the outcome of a match and bet, so everyone can enjoy it easily.

■ Over Under

It is mainly used when betting the total number of goals in a soccer game, which is called over-under.

■ Handicap betting

Handicap betting can be set so that the disadvantaged team has points, so that even if you bet on a strong team, the odds will be higher (that is, the return will be higher).

■ Single bet

A single bet means betting on one odds.

This single bet is the reason why the sportsbook itself is said to be "simple", even though multi-bet is a little difficult for a complete beginner.

With a single bet, you just have to predict which team (player) will win the match and put in the money, and pray for good results.

Since the betting method is simple, even those who have never played sports books can fully enjoy it.

On the other hand, high returns cannot be expected compared to multi-bets.

Next, I will introduce multi-bet.

■ Multi-bet (combi bet)

What is "multi-bet" in the first place? But this means betting on multiple odds.

Multi-bet is a little more difficult than single bet, but the odds are multiplied and returned as a payout, so if you get hooked on it, you can earn a terrible amount.

Even if you say "the difficulty is a little high", as soon as you get used to the sportsbook, you will be able to make multi-bets.

■ Accumulator

I'm not sure about the horizontal characters, but the accumulator is "cumulative".

That is, for example, if you bet on two games and win both, the odds will be multiplied and paid.

While you can expect huge returns if you get hooked on it, you have to hit everything to get a return. It's quite difficult.

Your sportsbook may set an upper limit on how many accumulators you can bet on, but basically you can bet on more than two odds, not just two.

■ Permutation (system bet)

Permutation means "order", which is different from accumulators and you will receive a payout if you win some of the combinations.

The big difference from the accumulator is that you can receive dividends even if you don't win everything.

Moreover, since the winning odds are paid by multiplication, you can expect the same big profit as the accumulator.

However, as the name "order" implies, permutations will bet on all the odds combinations you choose.

■ Other bets

Single bets and multi-bets (accumulator permutations) are the standard betting methods for sportsbooks, but there are many other types of multi-bets besides the two.

For example, a full cover bet such as Trixie / Patent / Yankee / Super Yankee / Lucky 31 is a bold betting method of "betting on all possibilities in one game".

The name of the full cover bet depends on the number of odds you choose (the larger you go to the right).

In addition, with the betting method called each way, even if the selected team (player) is in a position other than the first place, a moderate return can be obtained.

As you can see, there are various types of bets on sports books, and there are many points that can only be understood by actually playing and getting used to them.

If you are a complete beginner, we recommend that you first enjoy the single bet while watching the odds.

■ Live bet

Although it is not a separate frame from single bets and multi-bets, there is also a method called live bets where you can bet while watching the game and checking the development.

It goes without saying that being able to select a bet destination while watching the situation in real time can be an advantage, and above all, live betting is "fun".

3. Suppress basic sportsbook terminology


There are more than 300 jargon for sportsbooks with a long history.

It is a little difficult to introduce these technical terms one by one, so this time I will focus on the terms of super-basic sports books.

It's close to a review of the terms that have appeared so far.

  • Bed
  • Odds
  • Return rate
  • decimal
  • American
  • Fractional
  • Single bet
  • Multi-bet
  • Accumulator
  • Permutation

If you have read the article so far, you may already understand it to some extent, but it is an important basic part, so let's hold down the terms firmly.

■ Bet

Bet means "bet". This is not limited to sports books, but appears in many games such as online casinos and public gambling.

In sportsbooks, winning / losing prediction, over-under, and handicap are the basic betting methods.

  • Win / Loss Prediction: Bet on Win / Loss of Match
  • Over Under: Bet on the total score of the goal
  • Handicap: Count up points and raise odds for disadvantaged teams / players

■ Odds

Odds represent "difficulty of events". The higher the odds, the less likely the event will occur.

You can expect high returns by betting on high odds, but the risk of losing money also increases.

By the way, teams / players with high odds (that is, it is difficult to win the game) are called underdock. On the contrary, the one set low is a favorite.

■ Return (payout) rate

The return rate is the rate of return on the amount bet.

For example, if the return rate is 80%, betting 100 yen will return an average of 80 yen.

Compared to the return rate of public gambling in Japan, the return rate of sports books is very high.

This isn't a sportsbook-only term, but it's a term you should definitely keep in mind when trying any gambling.

■ Decimal

Decimal means decimal point. It seems that it is not used at first glance, but it comes out when changing the odds display of the sports book.

■ American

This is a type of notation in which the symbols "+" and "-" are added before the odds number.

■ Fractional

It is an odds notation that is often used in England, the home of sports books.

Fractional, like "2/1", the denominator shows the stake in the profit that the numerator can get, but I think that it is quite difficult to get at first.

It is also recommended to change from the setting to the decimal notation.

■ Single bet

A single bet means betting on one odds.

It is simple and clear and can be enjoyed by beginners, but the return will be smaller than the multi-bet.

■ Multi-bet

Multi-bet means betting on multiple odds, which is a bit more complicated than single betting, but you don't have to understand it in writing from the beginning.

Certainly, the term for multi-bet is horizontal and cool, so it feels like a wall for Japanese players, but it is a level of difficulty (not so difficult) that you can get used to.

Since the risk is higher than that of a single bet, the return is calculated by multiplication, so you can expect a surprisingly high return when you get hooked.

■ Accumulator

Accumulator means "cumulative", for example, if you bet on two games and win both, the odds will be multiplied and the reward will be returned.

It is a method that can aim for a lot of money, but the difficulty is high.

■ Permutation

Permutation is similar to an accumulator, but even if you don't win all the bets, the odds of winning are multiplied and the reward is returned.

However, permutations will bet on all combinations of odds selected.

Things to know in sports books


As sportsbooks are loved all over the world, they are basically very easy (single bets). Anyone can enjoy it immediately.

However, if you try to make a multi-bet to make a bigger profit, or if you think of a sportsbook as an investment and win stably, you need a certain amount of study, familiarity, and courage.

Also, the odds displayed in the sports book are said to be "less likely to occur" as the odds are higher, but in reality, there are adjustments that make the user want to participate in the game. There are many.

In other words, it is not a good idea to place a bet solely on the basis of odds height. I think this is the most important thing to know in a sports book.

In sportsbooks, there are many sports that you can bet on, there are many elements that you can bet on, and there are many options for multi-bet, but these will naturally get used to you as you participate in the game.

Rather, I think sportsbooks have become a lot more fun when you are free to use the abundant choices that you initially had.

It's important to emphasize here that what you should be aware of in sportsbooks is "don't trust the odds too much".


Sportsbooks have a minor impression in Japan, but they are actually a historical game that is very popular all over the world.

Unlike other gambling such as horse racing and pachinko / poker, there is a rare property that abundant sports knowledge can be advantageous in other than game strategy.

The procedure of the game is simple, but when you think about multi-bet etc. to get a bigger return, you need to think about going around including fund management.

Also, if you're serious about sportsbooks, it's a good idea to be aware that you don't trust the odds too much.

In order to create a reliable index in yourself other than odds, it is important to acquire knowledge of sports on a daily basis.

Some sports books also offer live bets, so you can predict and bet in real time compared to regular bets, so you may be able to take advantage of your accumulated sports knowledge.

In this way, sportsbooks are a wide and profound game that can be enjoyed casually or strategically as an investment.