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Live Soccer Betting Strategy: How To Beat Bookies at Their Own Game

Online betting sites introduced live sports betting several years ago. They assumed it would be a temporary interest, but that would soon wear off. Nevertheless, live sports betting was a success from inception. 

Live sports betting has become the default bet method for many sports gamblers. It is tough to beat it in terms of sheer excitement. With the right approach, it has the potential to be very profitable, and that is obviously appealing. 

Live sports betting is also known as in-betting, and it is available in many sports. Some examples include football, tennis, cricket, and basketball. However, it is prevalent for betting on soccer, and the focus of this blog will be live soccer betting

If you are not familiar with what live sports betting is, we will explain what it is and how it works. Then, we will take a look at the main benefits of live sports betting, including the strategy involved.

What is live soccer betting?

The fundamental concept of live soccer betting is extremely straightforward. In many aspects, it's similar to traditional betting. Players make a wager, place their money, and are paid out the appropriate odds when they win.

The difference between live sports betting and conventional betting is that traditional betting entails making wagers before the start of games. In contrast, bets on soccer games are placed after the game has begun with live sports betting, and it creates a ton of additional betting opportunities. 

A great majority of online bookmakers provide live soccer betting markets for most professional games, even those in obscure leagues and competitions. However, the more popular leagues offer a more comprehensive selection of betting options.

Advantages of live soccer betting

Are you unsure whether live soccer betting is for you? That's very understandable. If you're used to wagering in a specific way, the prospect of attempting something new might be intimidating. 

However, there are four (4) primary benefits of live soccer betting which are worth considering;

Additional chances to bet 

The first benefit is self-explanatory. The ability to gamble on sports while they are being played definitely opens new avenues for wagering. It is beneficial to players since they would want to have as many options. The more betting chances there are, the easier it is to find excellent ones. 

We should emphasize that this is NOT a reason to place a bunch of wagers just for the purpose of it. On the contrary, it is imperative to be selective. 

A more comprehensive selection of betting options 

Live soccer betting not only provides more betting chances but also provides a considerably more excellent selection of betting options. Specific wagers are simply not viable when betting before a game begins yet function well while betting in-play.

Here are a few examples:

  • Next team to score. 
  • Next player to score. 
  • Time of next goal

Many of the other wagers that may be put in-play are quite "gimmicky" and are primarily aimed at individuals who gamble for entertainment purposes. However, these should probably be avoided if your objective is to generate money. 

Don't get us wrong: they may be profitable if approached correctly. Consider the next team to score bet. If you're paying careful attention to the game, it's not unrealistic to believe you can make a calculated prediction about which team will score next. 

As a result, these supplementary betting choices are highly worth investigating. Some will take some getting accustomed to, but none are complicated.

More information to work with

When betting on soccer or any sport, the more information you have, the easier it is to make informed decisions. And when you wager in-play, you have a wealth of additional information at your disposal. 

You can examine how the players perform both individually and collectively as a team. In addition, you can see how they approach the games and what kind of style they use. The information is quite helpful when making wagering decisions, and it's all easily accessible. Listen to games on the radio, watch them on TV, or even read live updates on the internet.

Greater chance of finding value

The fourth benefit mentioned here is a combination of the three previously outlined benefits. Each of these adds to the fact that live soccer betting gives a better possibility of finding value than traditional betting before games begin. 

Given that discovering value should be the ultimate objective of any bettor, this is arguably the most significant advantage. 

It isn't to say that live soccer betting is exclusively for serious bettors. It's also a terrific alternative for the casual bettor. Live soccer betting is fascinating, and it's an excellent alternative. If you want to make money, there are more reasons to gamble on live soccer. 

Of course, you must understand what you are doing. As a result, we've compiled some helpful tips and suggestions that should help you approach live soccer betting correctly.

Live soccer betting strategy

One of the most effective and popular live soccer betting strategies is backing the favorites that go behind to an early goal. 

The core concept underlying this strategy is straightforward. First, look for games with a clear favorite to win, and then watch what occurs in the early parts of the game. If the underdog takes the lead, place a bet on the favorite to overcome that setback and win the game. 

The primary reason for this strategy's effectiveness and popularity is that bookmakers tend to overcompensate when modifying the odds in certain instances. A one-goal deficit is not tough to overcome, and strong teams are frequently adept at coming from behind to win games. 

Regardless, it is not uncommon for bookmakers to drastically increase the odds on a favorite if they fall behind. This might imply that there's a lot of benefit in betting on the favorite to win.

Is it possible for such a basic live soccer betting strategy to be effective?

If used correctly, then the answer is yes.

The most effective strategies are often the simplest ones. To beat the bookies, you don't need to create some elaborate technique. Instead, what you need is something to assist you in identifying where value usually exists in betting markets so that you may fully capitalize on that value when the time comes.

A scenario that consistently generates value is a favorite for trailing to an early goal. Finding these circumstances is simple. The next step is challenging. The challenge is knowing when to wager and when not.

Because while this is a basic approach, it is not as easy as betting on the favorite EVERY TIME they go behind by one goal. You must be more selective and use your discretion to determine when it is suitable.

When to use this live soccer betting strategy

There are no set rules for using this live soccer betting strategy. Instead, you must rely on your own judgment.

The key aim is to accurately predict how probable the favorite is to overcome the goal deficit. It entails taking into account a variety of factors. It helps if you are familiar with both teams involved, as you will better predict how the game will go.

After you've decided, look at the odds to see whether there's any actual value in backing the favorite after they've fallen behind. There is one rule you should strive to follow here: BET ONLY WHEN THE ODDS ARE GREATER THAN YOU BELIEVE THEY SHOULD BE.

This is critical to the success of this live soccer betting strategy. First, you must basically determine whether or not your bookmaker has appropriately changed the odds. If you believe the odds have shifted more drastically than they should have, you should consider putting your money down.

So far, we've discovered that this strategy works best when the favorite is playing at home. Conceding a goal may frequently encourage the home crowd to rally behind their team, which inspires the players. It also helps when the favorite is in great form and does not lack confidence.

When NOT to use this live soccer betting strategy

Also, there are no set rules dictating when not to use this strategy either. However, there are specific general recommendations that we recommend you follow.

Keep in mind that bookmakers will not always increase the odds on a favorite sufficiently to make this strategy worthwhile. However, even after conceding a goal, they are highly likely to remain confident in the related team's victory. In this situation, they may not make much of a change. This method isn't beneficial when the odds don't fluctuate substantially.

The other two (2) primary guidelines deal with particular situations where this method is probably best avoided:

  1. ​If the favorite is on a losing streak and/or the underdog is on a winning streak.
  2. If the favorite looks to be performing poorly and/or the underdog appears to be performing exceptionally well.

If the favorite team is in a slump, the live soccer betting method is unlikely to be effective. Although top teams are frequently declared favorites even when their form isn't solid, there's a lower likelihood of them rebounding from a deficit when they're not constantly performing well. 

Similarly, if the underdog is in terrific form, there's a considerable probability they'll hold on to their advantage. If they are confident and performing well, they are less likely to let the favorite back into the game.

For obvious reasons, you must keep an eye out for these times. If the favorite is not performing well or the underdog is doing really well, this method is extremely dangerous.

A final point to discuss is motivation. If the favorite doesn't have much to play for, you must wonder how likely they will dig in and come back after falling behind. Similarly, if the underdog has a lot riding on the game, they'll battle as hard as possible to keep their lead.

Another essential tip is to avoid placing a bet if you have reservations about whether it is the proper thing to do. It is always preferable to pass up a potentially good chance than to squander money on a potentially costly opportunity.

More live soccer betting strategy tips

Whether you use the aforementioned live soccer betting strategy or not, there are several additional strategic factors to keep in mind while betting on soccer in-play. As a result, we've compiled a modest list of easy ideas that we strongly recommend to anybody interested in learning more.

Please keep in mind that none of these suggestions will offer you quick success. They can, however, boost your overall odds of winning.

​Watch the games​

One of the primary benefits of live soccer betting, as previously said, is that you have more information to work with. However, this is only true if you actually watch the games. 

Certain information is available even if you don't have it, but the true advantage comes from observing the action and making decisions based on what you observe. For example, when you watch a game on TV, you may make better-informed predictions about how it will unfold.

Keep in mind that the people who determine the live odds for a soccer game will pay great attention to what is going on on the field. So if you don't do the same, you're giving them an advantage right away.

You must attempt to identify things that others may miss and make better predictions about what will happen next. This is doable, but you must concentrate intensely.

​Use previous data​

Remember that live soccer betting method we discussed earlier? It wasn't simply a spontaneous thought but the outcome of lengthy research and analysis.

Previous research has indicated that the favorites have come back from a goal down on several occasions. Furthermore, the statistics suggested that it was most prevalent once the favored succumbed early.

Soccer data is freely available, and understanding it may be pretty valuable. Look for any trends or patterns that could be worth investigating further. These might be broad patterns or tendencies that pertain to individual teams.

For example, you could notice that Liverpool tends to score many goals in the second half of games when they are leading at halftime. Or that Manchester United tends to lose a lot of games when they play away from home and concede early. Or that after gaining the lead in a Champions League game, Bundesliga teams tend to concede extremely few goals.

This type of information is beneficial. You can find good betting opportunities while wagering in-play by carefully assessing it. If you know how a team is likely to perform in a given circumstance, you'll know where to invest your money when that event happens.

​Avoid guessing​

This is obviously self-evident, but we've nevertheless decided to bring it up. Too many gamblers place their bets based on "their best estimate." As a result, they believe that they MUST put many bets during a soccer game to capitalize on all of the chances.

So, rather than carefully considering their wagers, they just randomly place them. This is a significant error, and we don't want you to make it.

Live soccer betting may be expensive if you gamble for the wrong reasons.

This makes absolute sense. If you choose your bets at random, you will have no advantage over the bookies. You could get fortunate now and again, or perhaps reasonably regularly, but you're guaranteed to lose money overall.

So keep in mind that you are never obligated to bet. So, for example, if you're watching a soccer game with the purpose of live soccer betting but no acceptable time arrives, it's OK not to place any wagers at all.

A common rule of sports betting is to only wager for the right reasons. Because of all the additional wagering alternatives available, this is very important while betting in real time. It might be pretty tempting to wager on various things throughout a game, but this is just not the best strategy.

​Consider hedging​

Live soccer betting may be an excellent strategy to hedge existing bets. If you're unfamiliar with the phrase "hedging" in the context of betting, you should research it.

The primary principle behind hedging is that it may be utilized to manage your risk exposure. Let's look at a few brief examples to see how this can work when betting in real time.

Assume you've placed a wager on a soccer team to win. You then decide to watch that game, and after 20 minutes, you notice that the team you choose isn't doing well. It may be prudent to hedge by betting on the rival team and/or the draw. 

This will certainly cost you some more stake money, but it may be the proper thing to do if your initial impression has changed dramatically. There's nothing wrong with incurring a minor loss to avoid making a much larger one.

For the second example, assume you've placed a wager on an underdog to win a future game. You've concluded that they have a strong possibility of upsetting you for whatever reason. And, sure enough, they grab a 2–0 goal lead in the first half.

You can use hedging at this moment to ensure a profit. The odds on the draw and the opposite team would have stretched slightly. So, a tiny stake in either might assure that you come out ahead regardless of the outcome. Of course, you will have foregone some potential profit, but it is perfectly OK to play it safe sometimes.

Factor in motivation

We mentioned motivation before while discussing our best live soccer betting strategy. It is also applicable to live soccer betting in general.

Motivation will always impact the success of any team, so keep that in mind. Consider what's at stake for each team in a game and how it can affect what happens next.

Assume two teams are tied after half an hour of play. The home team is playing a little better and moving the ball around smoothly, so you contemplate betting on them to win. Then you realize that their opponents must win this game to escape relegation. On the other hand, the home team has relatively little riding on this game.

Would this influence your view about what's likely to happen? It very certainly should. There is no assurance that motivation alone will be enough for the away team to win the soccer match, but it is something that must be considered in the decision-making process.


The final tip is simple and doesn't require any explanation. Essentially, we recommend that you experiment with different methods and strategies. You should continuously be seeking fresh ideas and ways to make money.

One of the most significant ways to succeed in sports betting is to create your own methods. And, with so many alternatives and chances accessible in live soccer betting, some degree of experimenting is definitely necessary.

So, if you have a theory, don't be scared to test it. It's the only way to know for sure if it has any validity. If it doesn't work, try another strategy. And if it does work, fine-tune it until you've reached its full potential. Then on to the next thought anyhow. You can never have too many ideas.

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