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Understanding Double Chance Bets in Football

The rise in popularity of the Double Chance bet in football has changed the gambling landscape anew, multiplying bettors’ winning chances with one simple movement.


In this piece, we delve into Double Chance, analysing its diverse applications and advantages, and discuss how it can potentially enhance football betting strategies and scenarios.

What Is a Double Chance Bet in Football?

Double Chance is a popular form of betting in football that allows you to gamble on two out of three possible outcomes (home win, draw, or away win) of a game simultaneously.

If you're unfamiliar with betting terms or different wager types, consider reading our guide which provides practical examples to help you understand Double Chance bets. This will ensure you place your online sports bets confidently.

How Does Double Chance Betting Work?

Double Chance betting permits the selection of two out of the three potential match outcomes. Here's a simplified breakdown:

  1. Home Team Winning or Drawing (1X): You secure a win if the home team either wins or draws; however, you lose if the away team emerges victorious. Typically, the favored team carries lower odds in this scenario.
  2. Away Team Winning or Drawing (X2): You emerge victorious if the away team either wins or draws, but lose if the home team clinches the win.
  3. Both Teams Avoiding Loss (12): Success hinges on either team emerging victorious, with no draw results considered. Various factors such as match significance, team requirements, and lineup can influence this choice

You can modify your odds preferences until the match ends by consulting our previous blog.

How to Calculate Double Chance Betting Odds?

Double Chance odds are typically provided directly by the bookmaker. Here's an example of how to interpret these odds:

Bet Type



Potential Payout for $10


Manchester City (1.30) vs. Manchester United (3.75)




Draw (3.75) vs. Manchester United (1.60)




Manchester City (1.30) vs. Manchester United (2.10)



Understanding these statistics allows you to make smarter betting choices and increases your winning potential.

In any case, you can use online betting calculators to simplify your plays or create an automated spreadsheet to perform calculations for you.

Now you just need to adjust your bet to the cryptocurrency of your choice!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Chance Betting

Let's review the pros and cons of Double Chance:


  • Covers two possible outcomes, increasing your winning chances.
  • Simple and easy to play, requiring minimal analysis or complex knowledge.


  • Lower returns due to reduced risk.
  • Not ideal if there isn’t a clear favourite.

To wrap it up, Double Chance betting offers a nice balance for sports bettors. It increases your chances of winning and keeps things straightforward, making it a good choice for newbies or anyone who prefers an uncomplicated approach.

But keep in mind that while there are no big risks, the payoff might not be as exciting, especially if there’s no clear favorite. So, whether you’re playing it safe or feeling a little adventurous, Double Chance betting could be an option.

How to Improve Your Strategy When Placing Double Chance Bets

If you are using Double Chance betting, here is some useful advice to tip the odds in your favor:

  • Consider team dynamics and composition: Analyse team performance and cohesion before placing your bets.
  • Determine the importance of games: Consider factors such as league standings, competition and championship stage.
  • Stay up-to-date on injuries and suspensions: Monitor player absences or restrictions, as these can have a significant impact on team performance.
  • Diversify your bets: Explore betting markets beyond Double Chance to expand your options and potentially increase your profits. 

Read more football betting tips to gain a deeper understanding when wagering on football.

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