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Unlimited Free Cryptocurrency!

Unlimited Free Cryptocurrency!

Did you know?

You Can Multiply Your Cryptocurrency

Up to 50000X

Hold TXT (Play To Earn) To Share Platform Profit

Cumulatively Distributed $NaN

Win $3,000 In Contest

Wagering contest, $3,000 giveaway every week

Hit The Jackpot With A Small Bet

Win large prize of $NaN in total
Invite your friends and receive 50% commission from every faucet they claim.

0.001 EOS

Free eos. Claim eos in faucet and play games.

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0.000001 BTC

Bitcoin faucet. Claim free bitcoin to play bitcoin games.

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0.00002 ETH

Ethereum faucet. Claim crypto faucet to play games with ethereum.

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0.025 USDT

Claim tether(usdt) to play crypto games.

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Value Sharing Gaming Platform Powered by Blockchain

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Vitality (VITA) — the first IoTeX Network Token

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TrustDice - Free Bitcoin Faucet

Trustdice provides players with a wide variety of different benefits that can dramatically increase winnings. Features such as the Trustdice forums or game chat allow players to swap tips and success strategies, while Trustdices innovative TXT staking options allow players to directly share in platform profits.

One of the most beneficial Trustdice features for new players, however, is the Trustdice faucet. The Trustdice faucet provides players with completely free cryptocurrency every day, which can be used to play a broad spectrum of different games and potentially win big.

How the Trustdice Faucet Works

The Trustdice faucet is extremely simple. Players need only make an account and visit the Trustdice faucet page in order to start claiming free bitcoin. The Trustdice faucet provides the following cryptocurrencies for free:

1) BTC 2) EOS 3) ETH 4) USDT 5) TXT 6) VITA 7) UUU

Getting the Most Out of the Trustdice Faucet

Claiming cryptocurrency like Bitcoin from the Trustdice Faucet is easy, but there are a number of tips and tricks to keep in mind if you’re planning on getting the most out of it.

Q: How often can I claim cryptocurrency from the Trustdice faucet?

A: New players are able to claim cryptocurrency from the Trustdice faucet every six hours. Advanced players are able to claim from the faucet more often — this depends on their Satoshi level in the Satoshi club. Higher Satoshi level players can claim better rewards faster.

Q: Can I make wagers and win with cryptocurrency claimed from the Trustdice faucet?

A: You can definitely wager cryptocurrency claimed from the Trustdice faucet. Trustdice games such as Dice and Crash have a minimum bet of 50 Satoshi — the Trustdice faucet provides 100 Satoshi every six hours at a minimum, for example, so it’s possible to gain 8 free bitcoin bets in these games per day.

Q: Has anybody made significant winnings with Trustdice faucet earnings?

A: Definitely! Trustdice user “dtmmachine” made over $130 USD in Bitcoin by claiming 1,400 Satoshi from the Trustdice faucet, then played Dice with these sats and won a further 6,000 Satoshi. Dtmmachine then played the following slots games in this order: DeepSea, LuckyLadyClover, PlatinumLightningDeluxeHR, and ultimately cashed out by withdrawing 0.0154 BTC.

Q: Which free coin from Trustdice faucet can I actually use to bet?

A: It’s important to note that not every free crypto from the faucet can be wagered. EOS claimed from the faucet can be stored. TXT claimed from the faucet can be staked to get dividends, or used to play Crash. Here’s a quick breakdown:

BTC, USDT, or ETH can be claimed from the faucet and used to make wagers

EOS claimed from the faucet can be stored

TXT claimed from the faucet can be staked to gain dividends, or used to play Crash

VITA & UUU are ERC20 coins, and can be used to play Crash and Dice games

It’s important to note that the minimum bet for TXT, VITA, and UUU is 1 token.