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Introducing-Roulette is a classic casino game that everyone can enjoy

Roulette is a super classic game that even those who have never touched a casino will have heard of it once. Even if you have never played at a casino, many of you may have played roulette at life games and festivals. Roulette is often referred to as the "Casino Queen" because it is one of the traditional casino games that has been around since the 19th century and is loved all over the world.

However, although the rules of roulette are simple and clear at first glance, there are some points that are unexpectedly difficult to understand when considering the placement and dividends. In this article, we will introduce the basic information and how to play roulette, as well as the standard roulette betting method.

table of contents:

What is roulette? A game to hit the place where the ball falls

First of all, to briefly explain the contents of roulette, it is a "game to hit the place where the ball falls".

I think you've once seen a character in a drama or movie praying with their hands together in front of a roulette wheel.

Like this classic scene, roulette is basically a "luck game".

It's a game where you hit the place where the ball falls, but the way to hit it is a picture-like gambling such as "bet on your lucky number" or "bet on your birthday".

Roulette can be a bit boring for those who like poker and other strategic games, but if you're lucky, it's a game where you can make a lot of money and the odds are very high.

If you can hit the pocket where the ball falls, the payout will be 36 times the bet amount and the payout will be returned.

The pockets have the numbers 1-36, and there are pockets with the numbers 0 (there are 00s in American format). If you're not very lucky, it's hard to hit this right.

It is a game for beginners who can easily play even those who have no experience in casinos and can aim for a large payout as it is because the place where the ball falls is "red or black" or just hit it.

European Roulette vs American Roulette

Differences between European and American roulette

Roulette can be broadly divided into "European" and "American" formats.

Actually, there is another format called "Mexican", but you won't see it much.

And the big difference between these European and American is "number sequence" and "number of 0s".

The biggest difference is the "number of 0s", which means that Americans have one more 0s than Europeans, so their house edge (deduction rate) is higher.



House edge (deduction rate)



The house edge is the rate of return on the casino side, and a high house edge means that it is difficult to win.

Therefore, if you play roulette, European is more advantageous than American. If you are a beginner, you can say that you have a European choice.

Basic roulette rules

Next, I will introduce the basic rules of roulette separately for European and American.

There is no big difference between European and American, but the "difference in the number of 0s" is a good factor to note.

European Roulette:

The roulette wheel has a familiar turntable (hole), which has a pocket with the numbers 1-36 red and black and the number 0 painted green.

Players can bet when the casino dealer signals the start of a bet.

Players can place chips in multiple locations with a single bet timing.

That is, if the minimum bet amount is set to $ 10, it means that the total chip amount is $ 10.

Bet timing can be bet before turning the hole and while the hole is turning until the dealer signals.

If the pocket containing the ball matches the specified location, you will receive a payout (the rate of the payout you will receive will be described later).

American Roulette:

The basic flow of American roulette is exactly the same as that of European roulette.

However, the big difference is that the pockets in the hall have 0 and 00 in addition to the numbers 1-36. This is the reason why there is a difference in the house edge.

Differences in roulette bets

There are two main types of roulette, "outside bets" and "inside bets".

Outside bets are a method of betting on a wide range of blocks rather than numbers, and although the payout is small compared to the inside bets that you go to pinpoint, it is stochastically easier to win.

On the other hand, the inside bet is a method of betting on a specific number instead of a block, and the probability of winning is lower than that of the outside bed, so the payout returned will be larger.

Outside bet


Now, let me introduce the outside betting method among the roulette betting methods.

There are the following types of outside bets:

  • Red or black (red / black)
  • Even or odd (odd even)
  • High low
  • Column bet
  • Dozen Bet

Isn't there something that can be predicted just by the name? I will explain each outside betting method firmly.

In addition, I will introduce the probability together with the betting method, but only the numbers 1-36 are calculated as the parameter.

Since 0 and 00 are not included in the population parameter, the actual probability is as low as a few percent.

■ Red or black (red / black)

"Red or black" is the most standard bet on roulette.

In roulette, the 36 numbers except 0 and 00 are color coded in red and black, respectively (the ratio of red and black is even).

The player predicts whether it will fit in the red or black pocket, and if it can be hit, it will return twice the amount bet.


■ Even or odd (odd even)

"Even or odd" is a bet that the ball in the pocket hits even (even) or odd (odd).

As with Red and Black, if you can win, you will get double the amount you bet.

■ High / Low

"High-low" is a bet that the ball in the pocket hits whether it is high (high) or low (low).

In high and low, the numbers from 1-18 are low and the numbers 19-36 are high.

As with Red and Black, if you can win, you will get double the amount you bet.

■ Column bet

If you look at the layout of the place where you put the roulette chips, you can see that there are three notations [2: 1].

This means that you can bet on a set of 12 blocks out of the 1-36 numbers shown on the roulette layout divided into 3 vertical blocks, which is called a column bet.

The probability of winning a column bet is about 1/3 excluding 0, which is lower than red black and high low.

By that amount, if you bet on a column bet, the payout will be tripled, and you will get a higher return than the three bets introduced above.

■ Dozen Bet

In Dozen Bet, you bet on a block of numbers [1-12] [13-24] [25-36]. This block is sometimes called 1st12, 2nd12, 3rd12.

I'm sure some of you may have felt something similar to a column bet, but that's right, the probability of winning is the same as a column bet, and it's about 1/3 excluding 0.

Also, the payout is tripled like the column bet.

Inside bet

Roulette inside bet

Inside betting is a method of betting on specific numbers against outside betting. You can aim for a high dividend because of the low probability.

There are the following types of inside bets.

  • Split
  • Straight up
  • straight
  • corner
  • line
  • basket

Inside betting is a more technical betting method than outside betting. Let's take a look one by one.

■ Split

In a split, you bet on two adjacent numbers in the layout at the same time.

The probability of winning is very low, 1/18 except for 0, but when you win, it will be 18 times the bet amount and will be returned to you.

■ Straight up

Straight-up is a bet full of humor, betting on one pinpoint. It's a playing that you want to try once with roulette.

The probability of hitting straight up is very low at 1/36 except for 0, but when you hit it, it will be 36 times the bet amount and will be returned to you.

■ Street

Streets (trio bets) bet on three side-by-side numbers (one row) in the layout.

If you bet on the street, the odds of winning are 1/12, excluding 0, which is higher than splits and straights, but still much lower.

By that amount, when the street is hit, it will be returned 12 times the bet amount.

■ Corner

Corners (quarter bets) bet on four adjacent numbers in the layout (four numbers form a square).

This betting method is often called compared to other bets, such as being called a square bet because of the shape of the bet.

If you bet in a corner, the probability of winning is 1/9 excluding 0, and when you win, it will be returned 9 times the bet amount.

■ Line

A line (double street bet) bets on two [three side-by-side numbers in the layout (one row)].

It sounds a little difficult, but the line has only two streets (as the name of the double street bet).

If you bet on the line, the probability of winning is 1/6 except for 0, and when you win, it will be returned as 6 times the bet amount.

■ Basket

The basket (four number bet / five number bet) bets on the four corners (0, 1, 2, 3) of the layout.

The probability of winning is 4/37 (European format), and when you win, it will be returned 9 times the bet amount.

In the case of American format, you bet by adding 00, but the probability of winning is 5/38, and when you win, it will be returned 7 times the bet amount.

Which is the best bet?

First of all, the "best bet" depends on the target amount and the player's stance, but in common with everyone, the "American style" is one that you should avoid if you are looking for profit.

The American format has a higher house edge than the European format, and while it is set to be disadvantageous to the player side, it does not have the merit to compensate for its disadvantages.

By the way, the Mexican format, which is a more minor format, has "000", so it is more difficult than the American format.

The "best bet" depends on each player's target amount and risk setting, but interestingly, roulette has a betting strategy.

In the next section, we will introduce this strategy.

Roulette strategy

Bull's eye arrow and target

Roulette is basically a "luck game", but there is a roulette strategy for making efficient bets.

Although it is a strategy, you cannot escape from the element of luck, but by betting according to the roulette strategy, you can avoid meaningless bets and effectively follow the probability.

This time, we will introduce the following three famous roulette strategies.

  • Martingale method
  • Fibonacci method
  • James bond method

Martingale method:

The martingale method is one of the famous betting methods found not only in roulette but also in Forex.

Roulette's martingale method is a method of playing with a bet with a winning percentage of 1/2 and doubling the bet amount each time you lose.

It's a technique that can be used in red / black, odd even, and high / low.

Specifically, if you bet $ 10 and lose, then you bet $ 20, then if you lose, you bet $ 40, and so on.

In other words, if you win somewhere, you can have a positive balance, so in theory it will always be a winning method.

Number of times

First time

Second time

Third time


5th time

Bet amount












By doubling the bet amount each time you lose in this way, even if you lose 4 times in a row, if you win the 5th time, you can bring it to plus $ 10.

As you can see, the martingale method is stochastically quite difficult to lose, but if you are unlucky and continue to lose, there is a risk that your funds will be short-circuited.

Also, if the casino has an upper limit on the bet amount, the martingale method will not be possible if you continue to lose, so please check the rules.

Fibonacci method:

The Fibonacci method is a slightly more technical method than the Martingale method mentioned earlier.

Similar to the martingale method, this is a method that assumes that you play with a bet with a winning percentage of 1/2.

First of all, the "Fibonacci sequence" from which the name is derived is a sequence in which "the number obtained by adding the previous two numbers becomes the next number".

Specifically, in the sequence below, it is true that "the number obtained by adding the previous two numbers is the next number".








twenty one

When applying this Fibonacci sequence to roulette, you will bet the numbers in the sequence as they are.

If you start at $ 1, the first time is $ 1, the second time is $ 1, the third time is $ 2, the fourth time is $ 3, and so on.

At first glance, the merit is not clear, but in fact, if you use the Fibonacci method, if you lose twice in a row, you can recover it in the next one.

It's hard to understand if it's just letters, so let's take a look at the case of betting on $ 3, $ 5, and $ 8 based on the Fibonacci sequence.

As you can see in the table below, the $ 3 and $ 5 losses have been successfully recovered with a $ 8 bet.

Bet amount

$ 3

$ 5

$ 8

Win / lose




Balance of payments

-3 dollars

-5 dollars

$ ± 0

Of course, this can also be applied to the Fibonacci sequence after 21 (note that the Fibonacci sequence continues indefinitely).

The merit of the Fibonacci method is that even if you lose two times in a row, you can keep the balance to a ton ton, and you can reduce the risk of short-term funds when compared to martingale.

The disadvantage is that if you lose more than twice in a row, it will be more difficult to collect your bet than Martingale.

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James Bond method:

The name of the James Bond method is derived from James Bond, the main character spy of the movie "007", and it seems that this roulette betting method was used in the novel version.

The James Bond method is a method of combining multiple bets at one time.

This time, I will introduce a bet using a concrete James Bond method, using a fund of 200 dollars as an example.

  • $ 10 for a straight-up (1 point bet) on [0]
  • $ 50 on line bet on [13-18]
  • [19-36] High for $ 140

If you bet on this street, you will be able to cover 25/37 with European-style roulette, so there is a 68% chance that you will get a positive payout.

Bet method

Bet amount


Final balance

0 straight

10 dollars

Dividend $ 360 (36 times)

+ $ 160

13-18 line

$ 50

Dividend $ 300 (6 times)

+ $ 100

19-36 high

$ 140

Dividend $ 280 (double)

+ $ 80

As shown in this figure, the big merit of the James Bond method is that you can collect the bet position with a positive balance no matter where it falls.

On the other hand, the James Bond method tends to lose one time, so it is more difficult to recover than Martingale or Fibonacci, which is a disadvantage.


Roulette is a game that can be enjoyed and profitable even with simple bets such as red and black, although it may seem like a high hurdle for beginners when considering betting methods and strategies. American style should be avoided as much as possible for beginners, but American is also a popular style among roulette mania, so if you can afford it, you may want to try it.

The strategies I've introduced aren't absolutely winning, but you can avoid wasting them by playing based on certain strategies. There are many other strategies, so get used to roulette and enjoy the depth of a simple game.

If you want to try out the betting methods and strategies introduced in this article today, why not play with the easy-to-use online casino roulette that you can start right away?

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