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スポーツブック サッカーに賭けてみよう

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at first

Soccer is attracting attention as a betting target on a global scale. One of the reasons is that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is said that there are more than 3 billion soccer fans all over the world, and it is understandable that many people bet on soccer games. It's often fun for sports fans to challenge their bets on bookmaker (sports book) football and test their knowledge of football.

There are several other reasons why betting on soccer is so interesting, but the main reason is that there are more types of betting than in other sports. Some sports have limited betting options, but soccer does not. This world-famous football offers a wide variety of bets.

Another attraction of betting on football is that many of the available bets are very simple and easy. You don't need to be as knowledgeable as a gambling and gambling expert to bet on a soccer match. This is good news for recreational players, such as the average soccer fan, who bet primarily as an additional factor when enjoying the game itself. Of course, most people will have more complex betting options, but in general you can make very simple bets. Also, making a simple bet does not increase your chances of losing, and you can ultimately make a profit.

However, if you are interested in betting on soccer, it is recommended that you at least know the more complicated betting mechanism and betting method. You may not actually bet using that method. Because knowing all the betting options available when betting on football will give you even more chances of making a profit in the long run.

In this article, we will introduce you to the main types of betting methods you can use when betting on a soccer match . From the basic simple betting method to the more complicated betting method, we will explain how each of them works and how it can be used. It also explains examples of betting methods and the merits of each. If you want to bet on a soccer match, please use this as a reference when deciding which betting option to use in what situation.

1. Bet on full-time (90 minutes) results

Hundreds of football games are played every week around the world. And the most popular way to bet on football is to bet on the full-time results of each individual match. This is one of the easiest and most straightforward betting methods. There are several ways to bet on full-time results, and here are the details of each.


First, let's start with what is called "1X2", which is the most basic betting method. This betting method represents betting on one of the three "win, lose, and draw" match results. Unlike other sports, a soccer match can end in a draw. Therefore, you can not only bet on the victory of either team, but also bet on a draw.

The image below is an example of how the 1X2 bet options look. The match is UEFA Europa League Naples vs Granada.

UEFAヨーロッパリーグ ナポリ vs グラナダ 1x2オプション

You will notice that there is a significant difference between the odds of the three options: "Naples wins", "draws" and "Granada wins". The reason for this difference in odds is that Granada has a great chance of winning in this match. Also, keep in mind that this odds difference is not always this big in every match. In matches where the strengths of the two opposing soccer teams are equal, the difference in odds will be closer.

Of course, most football fans have their favorite team, but sometimes the odds of that favorite team are set slightly lower than the odds of their opponents. Also, depending on the match, the odds of betting on a draw may be the highest, which is extremely rare.

Now let's look at some other ways to bet on full-time results in a soccer match.

Double chance:

Double chance betting is probably the safest option when betting on the outcome of a soccer match. Basically, with a double chance bet, you can get two chances as the name implies. Which team wins or draws? From the three match result options, choose the two match results that you think are most likely, and finally win one of the two bet results. If you win, you will win.

Let's take the Euro Cup England-Croatia match as an example to see how double chance bets are displayed.

ユーロカップ イングランド対クロアチア戦

If you bet on the result of an "England (wins) or draw" match, the result of the match other than Croatia wins will be a win. And if you bet on "England or Croatia", the result of the match other than the draw wins, and "Draw or Croatia" is a successful bet if England loses the match.

As many of you may have noticed, the odds for double chance bets are set lower than the 1X2 bets introduced earlier. The reason for this is that with a double chance you can choose two of the three match results to bet, which increases your chances of winning the bet.

Draw no bet:

Draw no bets are said to be a relatively safe betting option, similar to the double chances above. When betting on a draw no bet, there are only two options for which team wins. In this case, you cannot bet on a draw, but if the result of the match is a draw, the stake will be returned. It is called a "draw no bet" because the bet is canceled and refunded in the case of a tie.

Let's take the Euro Cup match between England and Croatia as an example.

ユーロカップ イングランド対クロアチア戦

For example, if you bet on England's victory, if England wins the match, you will be paid for the successful bet. However, if Croatia wins, you will lose your stake on a bet failure and if the match is a draw, your first stake will be returned. The odds for draw no bets are a bit better than double chances, but less than 1X2 bets.


The three betting methods introduced so far have been relatively simple, easy to understand, and easy. However, the "handicap" introduced here becomes a little complicated. If you're used to betting on major American sports, it's basically the same as a point spread, so it should be easy to understand. Then, I will explain in detail, so let's take a look.

Handicap is the purpose of betting, where each team is given or deducted additional points and given a handicap. Most bookmakers (sports books) allow you to choose how many points will be given or deducted, and offer different odds depending on your choice.

Let's take a closer look at an example of a handicap. The image below is an example of the handicap of the German Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund vs Arminia Bielefeld match.

ドイツブンデスリーガ ボルシア・ドルトムント対アルミニア・ビーレフェルト戦

There are two handicap betting options for the Borussia Dortmund vs. Arminia Bielefeld match. Borussia Dortmund is an advantageous team to win this match due to their superior ability, so the options to bet on this team include deducting goal points. Arminia Bielefeld, on the other hand, is less capable and less likely to win than his opponent, so the option to bet on this team will be a handicap that will give him additional goal points. As you can see, it's common practice to give negative points to teams that are strong and have a good win, but some bookmakers offer reverse handicap bets at even higher odds. in some cases.

Now let's say you choose to bet on Borussia Dortmund (-2), the team that has the advantage of winning this match. Borussia Dortmund will be deducted 2 points from the final goal at the end of the match, so the team must win at least 3 points to win this bet. In other words, if Borussia Dortmund wins 2-1 then two points will be deducted as a handicap, so the result of this bet will actually be a 0-1 loss. However, if Borussia Dortmund wins 4-1 the result after applying the handicap is 2-1 and wins.

Keep in mind that the more points you deduct, the higher the odds, but the less likely you are to win.

And when betting on the team that is disadvantageous to the match due to the difference in ability etc., the opposite rule is applied. If you bet on Arminia Bielefeld (+2) and the actual match result is 2-1 then the result after applying the handicap will be 0-2 and the bet will be successful and you will receive the prize. I can do it.

Also, since there is no option to bet on a draw for a handicap bet, if the match result after applying the handicap score is a draw, the bet will be invalid and the bet will be refunded.

Handicap scores are not the same in all matches and depend on the strength and chances of winning or losing between the two opposing teams. The image below is an example of a handicap bet in LaLiga's Sevilla vs Barcelona match in Spain.


In this way, if there is not much difference in ability between the two competing teams, the score of the handicap will be small.

Collect score:

The collect score is a bet that accurately predicts what the final score of the match will be. This betting method is much more difficult than simply predicting which team will win, and the odds are set higher for that difficulty.

The example in this image is the collect score choice for the J-League Urawa Reds vs FC Tokyo match.

Jリーグ 浦和レッズ vs FC東京戦

It's very refreshing to predict and guess the exact score, and the odds are set high, so if you can guess it well, you may get some profit. However, this betting method does not have a good strategy to help you predict the correct score, and it is too difficult to keep predicting the correct score on an ongoing basis. So if you're looking to make a long-term profit, this isn't the recommended betting method.

2. Bet on half-time or half-time / full-time results

Betting on half-time or half-time / full-time results is very similar to betting on half-time or full-time results only, but each has different characteristics. When betting on half-time results, only predict half-time results. And when you bet on half-time / full-time results, you're predicting both half-time and full-time results.

If you want to bet only in anticipation of half-time results, just bet in the same way as the time 1X2 betting method introduced at the beginning.

But when it comes to anticipating half-time / full-time results and betting, it gets a little more complicated. As an example, let's take a look at the half-time / full-time betting market for the Euro Cup Belgium-Russia match.

ユーロカップ ベルギー対ロシア戦

The betting options you can see in this image are the team (or draw) on the left side of the "/" that won at halftime (first half) and the team (or draw) that finally won the match on the right side. Represents. To win this bet, you need to make the right predictions for both the half-time outcome and the final outcome of the match. For example, if you select "Belgium / Belgium" and bet, Belgium must win both halftime and at the end of the match. Also, if you bet on "Russia / Draw", Russia has won at the end of halftime, and the final result at the end of the match is a spectacular draw.

This betting method is also not recommended as it is as difficult to predict as the collect score. Predicting full-time results is not easy in itself, but predicting how a match will behave in half-time (first half) can be very difficult.

If you are a fan of a particular team and are familiar with that team's playing style, you may want to try betting half-time / full-time. It's more risky than betting on full-time end results, but you can get higher odds. If you are confident that the team you support will take the lead in the first half and keep that lead until the end of the match, it may be worth taking the risk and betting on better odds.

3. First (last) goal scorer

This is a way to predict who will score the goal first and last and bet. This betting method is often used mainly with the feeling that fans of a specific player will support it. There is no particular strategy in this method, and guessing and luck are greatly involved. So if you're not betting on adding an entertainment element to watching a game, I wouldn't recommend it very much.

Of course, due to the difficulty of predicting it, relatively high odds are offered, so if you are aiming for high risk and high return, you may want to consider it. Also, the odds for predicting the player who will score the first or last goal are not that different.

4. Score cast

Scorecasting is a betting method that predicts which player will score a goal and when, and predicts the final score of the match, and hits both predictions.

For example, in the World Cup match between Portugal and Spain, Ronaldo scored his first goal and scored his first goal, betting on the expectation that Portugal would win 3-2. In this case, if Ronaldo scored his first goal but the final result of the match was 2-1 he would have been disappointed and his bet would be lost.

This betting method is very difficult to predict, so the odds are set high, but it's almost impossible to hit Don Pisha. As a result, this method is often used as an additional element of the enjoyment of watching a game, rather than someone who is seriously looking to make a profit.

5. Total goal (under / over)

This bet is an estimate of the total number of goals in the match. This is one of the easiest bets on soccer and predicts whether it will be less (under) or more (over) than the total number of goals specified in the options. This simplicity, which does not require you to predict the exact score, has made it one of the most popular betting methods for betting players in soccer games.

Also, compared to the betting methods introduced so far, total goals can analyze data from previous games and are relatively easy to predict, so betting on soccer for the purpose of making a profit. It can be said that it is suitable for people. Most sports betting sites, such as bookmakers, offer several different options with adjusted odds.

Now let's look at an example of options when betting on total goals.


The range of choices in this image can be determined by how much risk you want to take when making a bet. For example, you may be convinced that you must have at least three goals in a particular match. In that case, wouldn't you bet on "Over 2.5"? However, you can also choose to make a safer bet by betting on "Over 1.5" as insurance. In this case, the odds are lower, but the chances of winning the prediction are higher.

The reason why the total number of goals for all options is displayed in 0.5 units is to prevent the possibility of tying bets. For example, you can never get 2.5 points in a soccer match, so the actual final goal count will always be higher or lower than what you bet. Therefore, every bet will either win or lose.

6. Both teams bet on the score (BTTS)

A relatively new way to bet on a soccer match is to bet on whether both teams will score. Generally called BTTS (Both Team to Score), it is one of the most popular betting methods. This is a very simple bet and offers a good chance of making a profit by betting with the right strategy.

As the name implies, this method only predicts whether both teams will score goals in the match. Just choose from the simple "yes" or "no" choices, as in the example image below.


In most cases, the odds for BTTS aren't that big of a difference, and often close odds are available. An example of a big difference between the two odds of "yes" and "no" is when both opposing teams are very aggressive. In this case, the "yes" odds are often lower than the "no" odds.

Many bookmakers and betting sites also offer betting options where only one team scores, both teams score, or neither team scores. As an example, let's take a UEFA Champions League match between Liverpool and RB Leipzig.

UEFAチャンピオンズリーグ リヴァプール対RBライプツィヒ戦

This betting method has a very good chance of making a good profit when used in the right circumstances.

7. Outlight

The outright is a long-term bet, not the result of each match, but the final result of the tournament, cup or league as a whole. In other words, it is a way to bet on which team will win the English Premier League or the World Cup.

As an example, let's take a look at the betting options and odds at the start of the Major League Soccer season.


In general, outright markets, such as those betting on highly competitive leagues, have difficulty predicting the end result. Therefore, the odds offered are also set very high compared to other betting methods. However, when betting on the outright, it is a recommended betting method for those who have sufficient knowledge of all participating teams and are familiar with the quality and trends of each team.

It also requires patience, as this betting method is a long-term one with no results until the end of the season.

8. Live betting (in play)

Live betting allows you to bet on a match that is actually playing. This is based on how each team is playing while actually watching the match, rather than predicting what will happen during the match before it starts. can do. This will give you more information and make it easier to make betting decisions based on that information.

You can also increase the variety of betting types that were not possible with other betting methods by betting while watching the game you are actually playing.

Here are some of the betting types offered in live soccer betting.


Team or player / time to score the next goal:

This is a method of betting by predicting the team or player who will score the next goal and the time when the goal will be scored during the match. This is one of the betting methods unique to live betting, which cannot be done when betting in anticipation of victory or defeat before the start of the match.

Will the goal be scored in the next 5 minutes:

This is a bit different from the one above, and we expect either team to score a goal in the next 5 minutes. In most cases, this allows you to bet every 5 minutes during a match, so you can bet while reading the flow of the match at that time.

The team and time when the next corner kick will be given:

This is a corner kick version of the bet that predicts the team that will score the next goal introduced earlier. It's still a minor category compared to other soccer betting methods, but it's available on some bookmakers and sports book sites.

PK (Penalty Kick):

Before the start of the match, you can predict and bet on the penalty shootout in that match, but you can also predict in real time what will happen to the penalty shootout if it becomes a penalty shootout during the match. Is possible. When you support your favorite team, betting on a penalty shootout that is already exciting will surely make you even more excited.

9. Other special bets

What's interesting about the soccer betting market is that you can also bet on soccer-related things that aren't directly related to the match. Which team will the manager be appointed or dismissed, what teams will be transferred to a particular player, and where will the next World Cup be held? You can also anticipate and bet on various soccer-related matters such as.

If you have a category item such as "Special" on the soccer page of a bookmaker or sports book site, you might see such an interesting bet, so be sure to check it out.


how was it? Even if you bet on a soccer match in a nutshell, there are so many different ways to bet, as I introduced today. This wide variety of betting methods is also one of the reasons why soccer is one of the most popular bookmakers and sports book sites.

If you're not very familiar with soccer, but are interested in betting, you can simply bet on the outcome of the match, and you're a longtime soccer fan and confident in your knowledge of soccer and soccer teams. You also have more complex betting options.

If you like soccer, betting on a game that is fun just to watch will provide you with greater excitement and a different kind of fun. Betting with family and friends will surely make you even more excited. If you are interested, why not use this article to find a betting method that suits you?

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