​​Play To Earn: TrustDice TXT token​

TXT is our very own cryptocurrency token based on the EOS Blockchain, which can be staked to earn cryptocurrency dividends - including up to 50% of the profits the Dice game generates - or used to play our self-developed Crash game!

How can I earn money by playing?

To earn money online is quick and simple - Everyday a certain amount of TXT is released into the gaming platform. By taking part in our free online crypto games, every bet you make, whether you win or lose, are converted into Claim Points, which are used to calculate the amount of TXT you will be receiving. The more you bet, the higher your Claim Points, and ultimately your TXT earnings.

Your claim points are calculated as follows: Bet Amount (in USD) x Game House Edge Percentage (Dice and Crash = 1.5%, Sports = 3%) x (1+ Bonus Percentage) X 20.

These Claim Points allow you to play and earn TXT every day at 09:00 UTC. It is important to note that after you have claimed your daily TXT earnings, your Claim Points are reset until you bet again.

Stake TXT and earn crypto

The TXT you have received through your accumulated daily Claim Points can now be staked to earn crypto online everyday at 10:00 UTC - It truly is that easy!

So in short - TXT can be seen as the means to accumulating cryptocurrency dividends. So there is really nothing left to do but play our free online games, stake TXT and earn money today!

​​How many rewards can I receive every day?

It depends on the amount of TXT you staked. The more TXT you staked, the more rewards you will get.

The staking pool consists of 50% of Dice game profits.

At 09:00 UTC every day, a certain percentage (1% EOS, 1% BTC, 1% ETH, 1% USDT) of the staking pool will be paid to the TXT holders based on the amount of TXT they staked. You can also calculate your potential rewards on the “Stake” tab of the TXT page.

Earn even more TXT

If you’ve already made good headway with your TXT earnings, here are a few ways to make even more!

  • ​Simply by playing and earning! (50% of the total supply of TXT will be used to reward those who bet on our “Wager-to-Mine'' promotional games via the “Play-to-Earn” mechanism)
  • Buy TXT on Uniswap Exchange
  • By playing Dice/Crash/Sports
  • Claim free TXT from the faucet
  • Claim free TXT rewards when you’ve reached a higher level or completed specific tasks that promise free TXT earnings