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Best Bitcoin Faucet List

Best Bitcoin Faucet List

Crypto faucets have been a popular feature of the crypto world since its earliest days, dispensing free BTC. But do crypto faucets still work in 2022?

Crypto faucets and Bitcoin faucets have remained one of the most popular methods of gaining free Bitcoin since the launch of the blockchain revolution. Crypto faucets are relatively straightforward — they give crypto away for free.

If you’re on the hunt for information about how to get Bitcoin, you’ll inevitably encounter information about Bitcoin faucets. While crypto faucets aren’t the goldmine that they once were, they still provide users with the ability to gain a small amount of bonus Bitcoin at no expense.

We’ll proceed to break down the top five crypto faucets for 2022, focusing on the highest paying Bitcoin faucets.
Wait — Free Bitcoin? How do Bitcoin Faucets Work?
What are Bitcoin faucets? How do Bitcoin faucets work? The concept of a Bitcoin faucet may seem strange at first — why would somebody give something so valuable away for free?

In order to understand why Bitcoin faucets exist, it’s important to recognize that Bitcoin, in the first few years after launching in 2009, was an obscure and relatively complex technology.

Bitcoin hasn’t always been digital gold — the first major Bitcoin moon breakout saw BTC “skyrocket” from $0.008 USD to $0.08 USD in just 10 days from July 12th 2010 to July 22nd 2010, a few months after the launch of Bitcoin Market, the very first Bitcoin exchange.

The extremely low value of Bitcoin, combined with the passion of early Bitcoin developers, saw many Bitcoin enthusiasts proactively promote its use within the crypto community. The very first Bitcoin faucet was created by Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen, who launched the world’s first faucet in June 2010.

The $200 Million Dollar Faucet

Andresen’s faucet was the original airdrop, and provided each visitor with a staggering 5 Bitcoin for free — all users needed to do was fill out a captcha, and the Bitcoin would be deposited into their wallet address. Andresen personally loaded the first faucet with 1,100 BTC — present-day prices would place the value of free Bitcoin distributed via this faucet at $11 million USD as of July 2019.

By the time Andresen’s faucet dispensed its last coins in 2011, it had given away over 19,715 BTC — almost $200 million dollars worth of Bitcoin at July 2019 prices.

If you’d claimed your 5 free Bitcoin from Andresen’s first Bitcoin faucet, you’d currently own over $50,000 USD worth of BTC. There are no more faucets that give away such massive amounts of BTC, but it’s still possible to find many crypto faucets that give away various cryptocurrencies — all you need to do is provide your wallet address and complete a captcha, and the crypto is yours.

Modern crypto faucets in 2019 only give away a few satoshi at a time, but if you’re a firm believer in a “to the moon” Bitcoin price surge, the sats you claim today could be worth thousands in the future.

When choosing bitcoin faucet, you should base your decision on several things: 1) is this bitcoin faucet with instant payout? 2) Is it bitcoin auto faucet? 3) how long do you need to wait for the next faucet 4) is there any options to multiply bitcoin? Before that, we need to answer the main question. 

What are the best Bitcoin faucets in 2022, though?

1. Moonbit

Moonbit is a faucet provided by the Moon Bitcoin website, and has been running active faucet services since 2015. A major advantage offered by Moonbit is that it allows users to claim free BTC every five minutes, with the amount dispensed averaging at about 10 satoshi.

Users interested in claiming free BTC from Moonbit are able to participate in an in-browser CPU-based mining project in return for increased rewards. If you’re interested in CPU mining, however, it’s probably more cost-effective to mine a CPU algorithm cryptocurrency independently, rather than donate CPU cycles to a faucet.
Moonbit pays out users via CoinPot, which has a minimum withdrawal of 10k satoshi. Withdrawals of over 50k satoshi can be performed with no fee.

2. Bitfun

Bitfun is an interesting take on crypto faucets — rather than give Bitcoin away for free, Bitfun dispenses Bitcoin to users in return for playing games, viewing advertisements, and playing dice. The amount of BTC dispensed by Bitfun depends on the amount of time users are prepared to invest in playing games or watching ads.

If you’re interested in earning cryptocurrency for watching ads, it’s probably more cost-effective to use the Brave browser, a natively adblock-enabled browser that allows users to view ads in return for Basic Attention Token (BAT), which is currently listed on Coinbase and a top-40 crypto.

If you’re interested in playing a few games for Bitcoin, however, Bitfun is an interesting distraction. Like Moonbit, Bitfun uses CoinPot for withdrawals.

bitfun faucet

3. BonusBitcoin.co

BonusBitcoin is a relatively high paying Bitcoin faucet, providing users with an average payout of 24 satoshi on a 15-minute timer. As one of the oldest active Bitcoin faucets, BonusBitcoin is extremely reliable and allows users to increase the amount of Bitcoin dispensed by completing surveys or viewing advertisements.
Like most modern faucets, BonusBitcoin uses CoinPot for withdrawals.

4. Cointiply.com


Cointiply is the highest paying Bitcoin faucet online today, and dispenses a generous 200 sats per hour. Founded in 2018, Cointiply is a profit-driven faucet and allows users to increase the total amount of satoshi earned through watching videos, viewing offers, clicking ads, and playing browser games.

Withdrawing from Cointiply takes a little longer than other faucets — withdrawals of 35k to 100k sats can be withdrawn to FaucetHub, while withdrawals of over 100k can be sent directly to your wallet address.
Cointiply also offers a fun “coin multiplier” minigame — but if you’re interested in using crypto faucet gains in prediction-based gaming, it’s best to go with a dedicated gaming platform.

5. Freebitco.in

One of the oldest bitcoin faucet, launched in October 2013. It provides hourly faucet, like 20 - 200 satoshi per hour, depends on your luck and some bitcoin games. More about this site can be read here: FreeBitco.in Review.

6. TrustDice bitcoin faucet

If you’re on the hunt for free crypto, there are many other options to get more bitcoin. TrustDice.win is a highly popular casino that allows users to participate in provably-fair games and significantly increase their crypto holdings.

TrustDice has crypto and bitcoin faucet for all users, it’s free and can be claimed every day: 100 satoshi at a time. And the option to multiply your bitcoin.

free bitcoin


All bitcoin faucet sites have pros and cons. You can choose the one which suits you. Most people in 2020 should have some money in Bitcoin. If you don't have money to buy bitcoin, then spend some time to get this bitcoin for free from these sites. Some of the offer bitcoin with instant payouts, some of the sites offer ways to multiply bitcoin. Just pick one faucet and start accumulating bitcoin.  

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