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Bitcoin Casino: free spins & bonuses


Cryptocurrencies allow crypto users to send, receive, and store value in a far cheaper and more efficient manner than traditional fiat currencies. One of the most interesting applications of cryptocurrency technology, however, is for online gaming. Bitcoin casinos have recently become one of the most popular types of casino platforms online.

Similarly to traditional online casinos that allow players to make wagers in fiat currency such as USD or EUR, Bitcoin casinos are online gaming platforms that allow gamers to play online casino and wagering games.
Unlike traditional online casinos, Bitcoin casinos offer a wide range of benefits and advantages.

What is a Bitcoin Casino?

When we speak about Bitcoin casino we mean online casino platform. Bitcoin casino is all about gambling games: poker, bitcoin blackjack, bitcoin dice, plinko, baccarat, roulette and online slots. All the classic online casino games.

The only difference, in the traditional online casino a player use Euro, USD, JPY, and other real currency to play. In Bitcoin casino, betting currency is Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, USDT, EOS, XRP, TRX. A few interesting advantages of Bitcoin casino:

1) Bitcoin or crypto casino is more provably fair than an online casino. Transaction and bets can be verified by checking User seed and Server seed of the games.

2) Winning withdrawals are way faster. In online casino you have to wait for a few days to get your money. In Bitcoin casinos you need a few minutes to withdraw your funds or bonuses.

3) Bitcoin and crypto price has high volatility. It means the price of bitcoin is changing every time. For example, if you buy 1 bitcoin for cheaper price and win casino extra bitcoin, when BTC price will increase, you can just sell your bitcoin and earn extra profit.

How do Bitcoin Casinos Work?

1) The player creates an anonymous account - no passport or mobile phone verification.

2) Make bitcoin deposit or with any other crypto like ETH deposit.

3) Choose a game and play against the casino.

4) The player wins, he/she makes an instant withdrawal.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses depend on what game a player is enjoying.

1) Video slots: for this type of gambling games, Casino offers a deposit bonus, for example, a player makes 1 ethereum deposit and as a bonus gets 100% back, which is +1 ETH; and free spins bonus - it’s fixed amount of free spins in slots.

2) Poker: some casinos offer free poker chips. It’s when you can play poker for free by using these poker chips in online poker, obviously. It’s kind of welcome bonus from the Casino for registration.

3) Bitcoin Faucet: it's a special way to get free bitcoin, when you out of money or want to test other games, before making a deposit. It’s a small amount of BTC and free ethereum, eos, usdt.

If you’re interested in trying out a Bitcoin casino or want to score some free cryptocurrency to wager, you can try TrustDice Bitcoin Casino! It has everything you need: 2,000+ gambling games, faucet and bonuses.

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