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Crashbtc: Is It A Legit Crash Casino Website?

Crashbtc: Is it a legit Casino Website?

The Crashbtc website was founded in 2019 and provides real-time bitcoin gambling to its users. It offers its own version of the ever popular Crash gambling game.

The Crashbtc browser comes with a simple and straightforward interface. The casino site is exclusively a Crash game platform and only supports bitcoin payments. Crashbtc doesn’t mention specific ownership and doesn't boast much user traffic, yet is deemed as safe by islegitsite.com.


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As of yet, not many user reviews can be found for this site. Two conflicting reviews can be found on reddit.com and publish0x.com respectively. The one mentions good bonus returns, while the other discredits the value of the Crash game.


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According to the Crashbtc casino site, their Crash game functions on the principle “99% Luck and 1% Skill”. 


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This can be an attractive feature for some and an unappealing one for others.

Crashbtc also promises a “razor-sharp” house edge, which scales between 0-1% and an odds calculator for every bet.

Taking these factors into account, Crashbtc although having minimal user presence, seems to be a safe place to make your Crash bets.

Do you think Crashbtc is spam? You have the final say!

How to play Crash on Crashbtc

Crashbtc’s Crash game works in the same way as any other Crash game.

You make a bitcoin bet and then the site multiplier will start to increase from 1X upwards. Make sure to cash out before the game “crashes”!

If done successfully and you cash out before the game “crashes”, your bet amount will be multiplied by the amount on the multiplier the moment you cashed out. 

On Crashbtc, there is a 1% chance of the game instantly busting. If this happens, then no one wins anything. This 1% is then reserved to pay out a bonus to the player who cashes out last during a single Crash game. If no one collects the bonus, then it rolls over into the next game.

Crashbtc: Deposits and Withdrawals

There are no user reviews on Crashbtc deposits or withdrawals to date. 

However, according to thebitcoinstrip.com Crashbtc players' bitcoin deposits are instantly credited to their accounts after a single confirmation. 

If you would like to withdraw your bitcoin, you can do so by accessing your account page on Crashbtc. Here you can transfer bits (1 bit = 100 Satoshi) to a Bitcoin address of your choice.

Small withdrawals are said to be processed instantly, while larger transactions can take anywhere from less than 2 hours to 24 hours.

Crashbtc asks for a 100 bit fee to cover mining fees and has a minimum withdrawal fee of 200 bits. 

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