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CS GO Betting Guide 2021

TrustDice Counter Strike Global Offensive Betting

1) What is CS:GO Betting?

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive commonly known as CS:GO is a first person shooter game which has quickly become one of the most famous game among not just gamers but gamblers as well since fans can not only play or watch the game but also bet on their favorite teams and players while watching and cheering for them live. Betting on your favorite teams has never been easier with TrustDice offering hundreds of live games every week with multiple markets for each game. You can bet pre-game or live whichever suits you better and you will not find better odds than what we offer here at TrustDice.

To get a better idea how popular CS:GO is, you should know that - Released in 2012, now with over 10,000 professional players and prize pool awarded crossing more than $100 millions it is certainly gaining all the eyeballs from the gambling industry.

2) How csgo betting works?

The game starts with one side defined as the Terrorist and the opponents given the Counter-terrorist task and the terrorist have to plant the bomb into the counter terrorist territory while the counter terrorist have to sway them away and don't let them plant the bomb or if planted they need to defuse the bomb before the bomb explodes. The first team to reach 16 rounds with at least 2 rounds advantage is declared the winner for the map. In case of  15-15 tie the teams then play overtime(s) until a clear winner is found. You need to bet on which team is going to come out on top and there are numerous options like betting on the current map or betting on the overall winner while there are spicy markets like the total kills and crazy handicap markets.

3) Type of CSGO Betting: 

     * What is CSGO Bitcoin Betting? 

Crypto has fueled the gambling industry like never before because gone are the days when you had to pass KYC and wait multiple days for withdrawals to reach you, now it takes a couple of seconds to cash your winnings without any questions being asked and any eyebrows being raised. Bet in real time and live on games, it is as easy as you can imagine.

     * What is CSGO skins betting? 

Skins are in-game currency and you can bet skins on matches to win them, as an alternative of betting money you can use them so the thrill remains while the financial risk is eliminated.

4) What are csgo betting odds?

There is a number of markets on which you can bet on:

Winner Market: The outright winner is always the most famous market for players and it is because sometimes a team might have a bad map but come back strong and you should bet on winner if you feel a particular team has better chances of winning than the odds suggest.

Map Winner: Betting on a team to win a particular map is always a sharp pick like mentioned how some teams perform better on some maps while others struggle on those picks. Matches are usually Best-Of-1, BO3 or BO5 and in case of championship finals it might be BO7 too. Also note that some maps are CT dominant while very few are Terrorist favored.

Round Kills: There are betting options for how many kills will be done in a specific round.

Round Handicap: You can bet on the favorites to cover the handicap or bet on the underdogs to perform better than expected and cover their handicap offered. 

Total Rounds: Betting on the total number of rounds is a fancy option for bettors where the maximum rounds can be 30 and the minimum being 16 in regular time. When a heavy favorite plays against a big underdog the number of rounds are less usually as the favorite is expected to dominate the match.

Correct Map score: A risky market but yields massive odds if you can predict the correct result. You can pick multiple guesses to further increase your chances.

CS GO Betting tips

5) CSGO Betting tips

You should follow the below tips to increase your chances of winning but remember there is always a risk of losing so wager responsibly.

1- Avoid emotional betting: You must keep your emotions aside because it is hard for fans to bet against their favorite team and players but you must think wisely and make more thoughtful decisions.

2- Do not bet everything on a single game: Being e-sport there are heavy chances that a team rock bottom in rankings might upset a top tier team on a given day because of how they feel and perform on the day so better split your wager among several maps and games.

3- Head-To-Head: There are multiple rivalries like Natus Vincere vs Astralis so always check for which teams perform better against which opponents and make your bets accordingly.

4- Recent Form: Check the team's current and recent form and results, you can check the results and search for your team and their recent outcomes here - LINK.

5- Motivation: Often times best teams lose against mediocre teams because the motivation is high for the lower ranked team and games where qualification is already over you might see more upsets.

6- Maps: It might sound funny to some but certain teams are better on particular maps like Evil Genuinses will always perform good on Inferno while Na'Vi will have an edge over their opponents on Dust2 map. 

7- Roaster Changes: Part of the recent form are roster changes so keep an eye on the news section and make sure you are aware of any new players signing with teams and what roles they are going to perform. Usually, new players are asked to play the support role but if a new player joins and is sniping for the team, it might be quite risky and you should avoid betting on the team.

6) CS GO betting Reddit

You can discuss with fellow players and bettors here - r/GlobalOffensive

For all the news, rankings, upcoming tournaments, and updates you should check this website - HLTV forum.

8) CSGO free betting

Love the concept but still not sure where and how to start and worried about losing? Don't worry we have got you covered with a free bet on whatever sports you wish, not just CSGO but any sport or esport game you want to bet on.

Claim your free bet now: Sports Welcome Free Bet Promotion. Please read all the rules regarding the free bet and start your journey at TrustDice now!

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