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Betting on Table Tennis 2022

Table tennis betting guide

Table tennis is becoming an attractive market for punters, especially as they can withdraw large amounts of money while stills is an underground betting market —compared to popular ones like the NBA or the NFL. As online betting is more popular every year, houses are exploring a variety of sports to bring out the maximum of each on this market. 

This is why Bettors have been following several table tennis competitions, such as the European Table Tennis Championship, the World Championship for Table Tennis teams, the World Tour of Table Tennis, and the Chinese National Championships — currently the most popular one.

Betting on Table Tennis: 11 Best Tips

Table tennis is a sport that has gained a lot of ground in betting recently. As it is not as popular a sport as others, it can be a bit complicated for some. Take into consideration the following:

I) Managing Stake and Bankroll:

Like in other areas, learning to bet the right amount in any match is vital to becoming consistently profitable in table tennis. The fundamental thing is to know how to manage your bankroll by betting an appropriate amount on each bet.

II) Sets are short:

Sets can be risky as they only last to 11 points. Bettors should consider moving to longer results —or points per participant and results with the spread.

III) The ranking is not everything:

Bettors in table tennis tend to look at the player’s ranking positions they face before placing their bet. However, this is not entirely effective. There are a lot of factors to consider in a table tennis match. There are players with great ranking positions who go through negative streaks that seem endless, and the bookmakers know it.

IV) Watch the game live:

It’s essential to watch the match live and analyze the current state of the players. During the game, anything can happen. That’s the moment where you decide on who to bet. 

V) Check your fitness:

A player's recent history is an important piece of analysis when betting on table tennis. It must be taken into account that physical discomfort can change the usual course of a game. It is very important to know how the player arrives, what his physical and psychological state is.

Table tennis betting strategy

VI) Importance of tournaments:

In table tennis, there are several tournaments that you should analyze first before betting your money. You have to wonder how important the tournament is. Favorite players usually give 100% in the best tournaments. However, in smaller tournaments, their performance may wane, turning the table against you.

VII) Playstyle and other factors:

Each tennis player has their style of play and their strategies to win. Keep in mind that even the best tennis players have certain shortcomings in a particular style. Likewise, it can also be seen that its effectiveness against a left-handed player is not the same —or that it is somewhat complicated.

VIII) Extra sports information:

It is essential to know about the different table tennis players beyond their performance in the match. Different psychological factors can significantly influence the results. If a player is not emotionally stable, he is more likely to lose. Unfortunately, in table tennis, it gets complicated as it’s an extremely dynamic sport. But gathering the necessary information, you can make consistent profits in the long run.

IX) The importance of quotas:

The odds are relatively proportional to how probable an event is. The odds reflect the chance that the bookmaker assigns, and it varies little between one or the other. In this sense, it is essential to know that the house always plays ahead with first-hand information. Of course, it will always be better to choose the bookmaker that sets a higher odds.

XI) A victory in the first game does not mean winning the match: 

Table tennis is a very dynamic and strategic sport. A victory in the first game does not necessarily suggest that the player can win the set. It may be that the player who loses the first game has decided to give it up when they are too low to reserve for the next. It can also happen that the player who wins the first game is confident and relaxes his playing style.

Strategies For Table Tennis

  • Set your list three hours earlier:

Pick your favorite games on sites like Flashcore. Narrow down your slate as follows: Avoid betting on the tied head to head players and seek for ones that have had at least 5 prior meetings. If you’re unsure about a match, avoid it as well. Once you have your list set, place your bet. Here are two examples that show what bad Head-to-Head records look like:


As you see, Poletaev has a clear advantage having won six out of ten meetings. Meanwhile, Nikiforov won three out of five. These types of records should be avoided. Instead, this is what you should consider a great Head-to-Head record:


  • Use Reverse Jinx:

When a player gets too confident, it’s time to swap players. Many players considered favorites who are up by 2-0 usually end up on the lower end with scores such as 9-5. You must be constantly swapping between players.

  • Going under has risk:

As table tennis is extremely dynamic, and anything can happen during the court, going under on a player can be risky, as the sets can turn unexpectedly. But if you’re confident in a player, you can take on a high number like 74.5 or above.

Betting on Table tennis

Betting Markets

Betting on the winner of the match is not the only way to bet on table tennis. There are several ways to profit off from this market.

  1. Over-Under:

    Over-under options are present in almost any market. With Over-Unders, you can bet on whether the number of points, or the number of sets it takes to determine a winner, will be over or under the listed amount by the houses.

  2. Futures:

    Like in other markets, you can bet on the outcome of a table tennis match by anticipated, ranging from weeks to months. The odds will change as they keep track of the tournament progress. Due to how dynamic table tennis is, anything can happen during the match. Bettors should consider mid-level players, this is, the third to fifth with the best odds.

  3. Live Betting:

    Live bettings are a great method to recover losses from previous sets. This is another reason why you should be watching the game live, as stated before, to make smart moves on a player, rather than blindly putting your money on the favorite player at the moment. Several stream channels keep track of the sportsbook odds.

Table Tennis Discussion and Strategies From Reddit

Table tennis forums

There are several forums where you can keep up with the latest action, be part of the discussion, and share essential information to bet on table tennis. Some of the most popular ones are:

  1. Ooak Forum: pretty big forum mainly about Tennis Betting equipment, Table Tennis Robots. Open Ooak Forum

  2. My Table Tennis: about Table tennis techniques, coaching methods, equipment. Open MyTableTennis forum

  3. Table Tennis Daily: all news related to Table Tennis. News every day. Open TableTennisDaily forum.

  4. Ping Sunday: it looks like a blog about table tennis. Open PingSunday.

  5. MegaSpin: a good forum to check. Open MegaSpin

  6. Table Tennis Spot: a pretty big blog about table tennis. Open TableTennisSpot

Major Table Tennis news sites

Daily news, notes, game strategies, popular table tennis stars.

  1. ITTF News 

  2. Table Tennis England 

  3. Sports NDTV

  4. Yard Barker

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